Jul 30, 2009

Structure of a novel

My previous blog post was about complex plots. Since I made that post, I completed The Search for Kalid and blogged at the fiction wikia about the structure of that novel.

Wikia seems to be working out the bugs in their system for blog articles at wiki websites, so I have been doing most of my blogging there. Another recent blog post was about creating a book cover for The Search for Kalid.

Image. I made this image. The diagram shows that The Search for Kalid has four parts. The first seven chapters establish the Space Opera aspect of the story and the mystery of "Mental Powers". Chapters 9-12 take the reader off in an unexpected direction, our Solar System! Chapters 14 & 15 take place on Earth, but the reader might not recognize our poor and abused planet. After a quick trip to the mysterious Haldus star system, the story concludes back on the Moon. Chapters 8, 13 and 16 are pivotal chapters that twist the plot off in new directions. The following video was made to be watched by readers when they reach the end of the novel:

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