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Here are links to some science fiction stories that are discussed in this blog:

Original copyleft stories
A Star King - short story about aliens on Earth.
Let's Make a Genre - a short time travel story
Hierion Confinement - short story about keeping Earthlings safe.
Change 2017 - a short story in which Isaac Asimov must send a message back through time to Jack Vance.
Exit Edit - short story about the end of a Sci Fi era. 
The Phasian Knot - short story about time travel.
The Asimov Reality - a lost Reality of the Time War.
VirileMail - The first artificial intelligence with a human-like mind.
Cellular Civilization - Where do new ideas and new technologies come from?
The Search for Kalid - Future science and religion arising from human telepathic powers.
Moon Hammer - A science fiction ghost story.
Manmahtiti Bebobinmahtiti - An extraterrestrial visitor tells how thon came to Earth.
Apollo 23 - Aliens use time travel to prevent the destruction of human civilization in 2012.
The original Exodemic story.
Exode Saga - Explores the origins of Interventionists.
The Nanoepitaxy of Susanne Marie - discovery of alien technology on Earth.
Mnemtronium - dark matter and telepathy
Cambridge Computing - artificial intelligence research (alternate history)

I have a form of fan fiction disease that stimulates me to continue and extend some of my favorite science fiction novels. My disease also led to a Star Trek/X-Files cross-over story.

Fan Fiction
The Start of Eternity - A fan fiction sequel to Isaac Asimov's The End of Eternity.
The Foundations of Eternity - 2013 reboot of The Start of Eternity. 
Trysta and Ekcolir - the sequel to The Foundations of Eternity. 
Exoditions on Cynk - a story built upon game elements in Civilization: Beyond Earth.
Fly Paper - X-Files fan fiction in the Exodemic Fictional Universe
Ideas for a Contact television series.
Ideas for a sequel to Sydney Van Scyoc's Assignment Nor'Dyren.
Ideas for a sequel to Jack Vance's novel, The Book of Dreams.
Ideas for a sequel to Jack Vance's novels, Marune and Wyst.
A Star King - a short story that was inspired by the Jack Vance novel Star King.
Star Dance - my hard fantasy story that includes Ghyl from Vance's novel Emphyrio.
The League of Yrinna - a sequel to Jack Vance's novel Trullion.
Alyeupkigna - sequel to the X-files episode "Arcadia".
Galactic Core - a new Star Trek television program.
UFO  2015 - an X-files television series in another Reality.
Gharks and Hoos - a prequel to Jack Vance's novel Marune.
Some of the stories listed above were written in collaboration with other authors. If you are interested in collaborating on a story, let me know!

Imaginary book covers.
Additional cover art.

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