About this blog

A scene from Exode.
This blog is a way for me to reflect on my interests in science fiction. When I started this blog, I was deep into using wiki software for collaborative fiction writing. I'm always happy to find a new collaborator for fiction writing projects.

Over the years I've increasingly become intrigued by the many ways to use blogs, hypertext, images and videos as tools for story telling.

I began this blog on April 4, 2009 (first post), not very long after I started experimenting with Twitter. Most of my tweets contain links to either this blog,  my blog at Novelas or my Exodemic blog.

blue Sedronite
About the header image. The banner image at the top of the pages in this blog is a scene from the Exodemic Fictional Universe. Many thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock" that I used to create the blue "sedronite" who is right in the middle of the banner.

Before 2016 there was an earlier banner with a scene from the story Exode. Discussion of both that header and the even older header is here. The oldest header image was from a video teaser for "The nanoepitaxy of Susanne Marie". Parts of those older banner images (like this part) were made using DAZ Studio.

hard fantasy: Star Dance
My favorite type of fiction is science fiction, so this blog contains many posts about collaborative science fiction writing. I use this blog as a diary where I can write about all of my Sci Fi interests, so there are also posts about Sci Fi novels that were written by my favorite authors and even some commentary on Sci Fi films (see my recurring posts that concern my Search for Interesting Hollywood Aliens; SIHA).

This blog functions mainly as a workshop for development of my own science fiction stories. However, once in a while, some of my blog posts become more popular that usual. There is a list of the ten most read blog posts here.

 Spelling, etc. That's right, I can't spell. If you see a spelling error or some other problem, please let me know.

Where the content of this blog is my original work, the text of this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


  1. Let me know if you come across any realistic futuristic sci-fi that manages to do a decent job at factoring in the current knowledge of where we are at and what futures are possible. Actually, what would be better than that is to not just focus on what is possible but to focus also on what is likely. That I would find interesting as I have yet to read anything that has done a decent job.

  2. Have you ever seen "The Turing Option"? I think it was intended as a reasonable projection of current science into a future when it would become possible to copy human brain patterns into computer circuits.

  3. See Robert Sawyer, Hugo, Campbell, and Nebela award-winning Canadian Science-Fiction author who writes about incredibly realistic near-future scenarios in many of his novels and novellas. He is an aquaintance of mine and spends a large amount of time researching and reading about the cutting edge of current technology in order to accurately portraly realistic futures and in some cases alternate histories (see his Quintaglio and Neanderthal trilogies for examples of realistic alternative histories) for his realistic future portrayals of our universe, see: the terminal experiment, flashforward (made into a popular cable tv programme), rollback, mindscan,the WWW trilogy, and most recently, Red Planet Blues...he also takes philosophical, legal, and even religious approaches to other basic themes in science fiction such as alien invasion, time-travel, alien cooperation, and far-future interstellar human colonization...this can be found in his novels: Starplex, Calculating God, Illegal Alien, and End of an Era...i realise you posted these messages four years ago, but perhaps you still read this blog...regardless, i hope this help anyone who reads it..

    1. What are the "hybrids" in the "Neanderthal Parallax"?