Apr 15, 2012

Encyclopedia of Future Science

With Google Knol closing down I finally transferred "Collaborative fiction writing using wiki technology" to a blog.

Due to technical problems beyond my control, I also ended up creating a companion site, The Encyclopedia of Future Technology and Science. The Encyclopedia is a guide for writing stories that are set in the Exodemic Fictional Universe.

Rather than just leave one lonely post on the new blog, I went ahead and copied the posts from this blog to the Exodemic blog. I also copied Moon Hammer into the new blog, which gave me a chance to read the story a couple of years after having written it. When I wrote Moon Hammer I was in a rush to complete the story before the LCROSS impact on the Moon.

Upon re-reading Moon Hammer I now have an idea for how to update the story and move it to the year 2013. Isaac Asimov wrote about the "tricks" that can be used to make better stories. Asimov was an expert at making "surprise" endings. For example, at the end of Second Foundation, it is revealed that the Second Foundation is located on Trantor and is being led by a character from the story who Asimov portrayed through the bulk of the story as having a completely different role. I've decided that I can use a similar trick to provide a "trick" ending for Moon Hammer.

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