Mar 30, 2013

Lost Draft

The Search for Kalid
Many years ago I decided to liberate my science fiction stories from their lonely and isolated existence on my personal computer. I started placing my stories online, using various story sharing websites (example) that allowed uploading of files to conventional HTML pages, online editing of wiki web pages (example) and most recently, blogs (example). It is great fun to share stories online, get feedback from readers and even engage in online fiction writing collaborations.

One of the dangers of cloud computing is the risk of losing stories that are written as web pages and that exist in the cloud. Sometimes online services and websites are terminated (example). Once in a while I have had problems with wiki and blogging software that cause part of a story to be lost or corrupted. Yesterday I lost two days worth of edits to a new Blogger blog post.

I went online to the Blogger discussion forums to see if other Blogger users had similar problems.

As shown in the image above, at least one other Blogger user had also managed to find a way to mess up a working draft of a new blog post.

Lesson learned: I'm going to try to avoid having more than one Blogger edit window open at any one time.

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