Jun 11, 2012

2012 SIHA Awards

Results for the 2012 Search for Interesting Hollywood Aliens are in!

Nominations and Winners

Winner: Alien in Hollywood
Category: Aliens working in Hollywood.
Winner: Alien costume designers
Category: Evidence of aliens working in the costume design departments of Hollywood.

Captain America, nominated for the best costume with a giant "A".

Jemaine Clement nominated for best animal costume: Boris The Animal.

Prometheus, nominated as best movie of the year in the least-dressed astronaut subcategory, Alien franchise division.

Shawna Trpcic was nominated because she gets to put "I designed the costume for a horror movie whore" on her resume. Also, "Trpcic" is obviously an alien name.

Honorable mention: Mayes C. Rubeo, nominated for costume design in the 4-arm-aliens on Mars subcategory.

Winner: Silicon Alien
Special Category: Silicon Alien Costume
Micaela Schäfer, nominated as evidence that silicon lifeforms are trying to infiltrate Hollywood.

Historical Highlight. Past winner: Horta. In 1967 the Hollywood also required great elliptical symmetry, but jiggle was banned by the censors. Because of his cool and unemotional character, NBC executives decreed that Spock was the only cast member allowed to handle the Horta eggs on screen. The wealthy magnates who established the pergium mining colony on Janus VI got their start by exploiting the unobtanium deposits on Pandora.

Things go better with Coke
Category: Interesting alien technology
Black goo. As a hard science fiction geek, I'd prefer that it be nanites, but in Prometheus it sure looks like a magic potion.
• Time jump device in Men in Black 3. Nominated for comedic one-upmanship over the Back to the Future Delorean. Not sure if it is actually alien technology....but it should be.

• The flying aircraft carrier in The Avengers. Nominated out of sympathy for any attempt to be as gravity-defying as the floating mountains in either Avatar or Micaela Schäfer. It must be powered by something like an alien unobtanium-antiunobtanium engine.

Winner? None. Better luck next year (or in 2015).

Category: Interesting Alien; Summer Flick Division
Winner: Interesting Alien
Griffin in Men in Black 3, nominated for depth and dimensionality, and with hope that someone in Hollywood can imagine exciting and interesting interactions with alien lifeforms in the universe...something more sophisticated than yet another war, horror story or alien invasion.
• Thanos; bit part in The Avengers. Honorary alien nomination for being a mutant in a line of primates that originated 5,000,000 years ago as an alien creation. Hopefully to return in a future movie with some information about the Celestials.
• The "engineers" from Prometheus. Nominated in anticipation that we might some day learn something useful about them and their visits to Earth (however, as described in another blog post, I suspect that the "engineers" are not really true space aliens). Maybe the sequel will be called Epimetheus.
Pandora's jar

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John's fantasy backstory for the "engineers" of Prometheus.

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