Jun 1, 2013


Back in February I was in the process of discovering the characters in the story Exode who would be at Lendhalen with Parthney while he is trained for his mission to Earth. My first conceptualization of Robin was that "she" would be a fairly primitive and clunky robot. Giving this robot the name "Robin" was a kind of joke.

By the end of February I had decided that Robin would have a "split personality". Part of the time she acts like a pre-programmed computer, but at other times the nanites hidden inside her "come to life" and endow Robin with extraordinary abilities.

During March I had some fun picturing Robin as a devious spy inside the secret Interventionist base at Lendhalen. The advanced nanites inside Robin were not recognized by the Pla, but they were able to pass important information about events on Earth to Parthney. By the end of March I realized that there were nanites inside Robin that had originated from Noÿs, a time traveler who I had inserted into the fan fiction story The Foundations of Eternity, which is the prequel to Exode.

In May I finally had a revelation about how Noÿs was able to interact with the Huaoshy: Noÿs had extensive interactions with a group of Kac'hin "puppets" just prior to the events described in Exode.

Importantly, those Kac'hin gave Noÿs access to the Huaoshy technology for viewing Realities, thus allowing her to select the "Buld Reality" as the future of Earth. I like to think that Noÿs went through a similar Reality viewing process previously when she first selected the Foundation Reality.

Syon and Parthney at Lendhalen
By the time Noÿs was done working with the Kac'hin, she had accumulated two different types of symbionts inside her body: her original "Noÿs nanites" from 10,000,000 years in our future and also some "sedronic symbionts" transferred over to her from the Kac'hin. When Noÿs died, both of those types of symbionts were passed along to Robin. Thus, Robin can provide information to Parthney that originated with Noÿs and also information about the Earth Observers. In some sense, Robin carries a copy of the mind of Noÿs instantiated in a nanorobotic body.

Since "Robin" is a kind of artificial life copy of Noÿs, I've decided to change her name to Syon, which is "noyS" spelled backwards. The name Noÿs never appears in Exode, but Syon plays an important role in Chapter Three when Parthney is prepared for his mission on Earth. Syon has been at Lendhalen for a long time and has also helped train other Interventionist agents, some of which Parthney learns about while he is in training at Lendhalen.

For special jobs on Earth, Syon prefers to make use of "her" own children. Rechmain was an Interventionist agent who lived about 500 years before Parthney and who was another clone of Thomas. He was trained at Lendhalen by Annike and Syon. Annike was one of several daughters of Noÿs that were created by the pek after the death of Noÿs.

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