Mar 9, 2014

My Three Moms

I decided to let Angela insert a few words of her own into the Exode Trilogy. Too few. Most of what is known about the secret history of Earth has been revealed by Angela, but Ivory and "the editor" are the duo who must put the story into words. Because of her "telepathic" abilities, Angela never developed much of an interest in writing.

Many Sails in "Atlantis mode"
Some kids grow up with beloved pet that becomes a close friend. Angela has always had the sentient spaceship Many Sails available in her thoughts. Under the influence of Many Sails, Angela grew up encultured as a member of Genesaunt Civilization and fearful of we primitive Earthlings. For Exode, I assume that Angela and the other Atlantis Clones are reluctant to reveal themselves to the "masses" of Earth.

In an alternative Reality, Angela and Many Sails are well known to all Earthlings. Here is an imaginary interview of Angela for an issue of Weird Tales...

Q. Are you in love with Many Sails?
A. Here in the threedee world we are close collaborators. We spend most of the day working at the Interface. Many Sails has always been my guide for exploration of the universe. When we are together in the Sedronic Domain we are free to do anything we like and I can't imagine a more satisfying lover than a sedronic lover.
Q. So do you prefer the Sedronic Domain to the world of matter?
A. No, I can never really be completely comfortable in the Sedronic Domain. I actually have nightmares in which I am stuck on the other side and unable to return to Earth.
Q. Have you ever had a material lover?
A. Remember, sedrons are a type of matter, but I know what you mean. I grew up in a very close relationship with my little sister Anney. There were never any boundaries between us, either physically or mentally.
Q. You made love to your sister?
A. Well, why not? We grew up without any boys to play with so we made do, and oh! and ah! Sedronic sex is cleaner and dryer, but I don't mind wet and wild.
Q. Maybe you can help our readers sort out all of the "Atlantis clones". Isn't Anney the "missing clone"?
A. She's been called that because she is the one who left Earth and is now out among the stars. No doubt she'll return some day.
Q. What about you? Some have speculated that you no longer reside on least nobody has found you and Many Sails.
A. Are you sure? But what difference does it make? I cherish my privacy.
Q. Well, do you like living on Earth?
A. I'm fascinated by Earth and the future of Humanity. At the same time, my head is in the stars. You might say that I find myself caught between the Moon and New York City.
Q. Have you ever been to the Moon?
A. That's just poetry, from an Australian song writer who I admire.

Three and a half moms
For the fanciful magazine cover story (above) Angela counts her biological mother (Marta), her birth mother (Charlet) and Anney's birth mother Cory Corneigh. Cory raised Angela along with her own daughter and Angela uses the name "Corneigh" out of respect to their day-to-day mother-daughter relationship.

The fifth person on that cover is Anna, the first "Atlantis clone". It was Anna who first learned how to harness advance pek technology to shape the developing brains of Earthlings. Working with Peter, Anna was able to craft the development of special neural networks in the brains of Angela and Anney that give them access to the Interface. Anna might be called the "conceptual mother" of Angela since it was Anna's limited contact with the Interface that convinced her it should be possible for another "Atlantis Clone" to gain full access to the Sedronic Domain.

Next Blog Post: more about Peter and his efforts to isolate the alien symbionts that reside inside Earthlings.

Note: More than a week after posting this (above) I discovered that there is "a one-woman show based on the playwright, Virginia Bryan's life experience growing up with three mothers in the Bible Belt South" called My Three Moms. I know nothing about that "show", but I assume it has nothing to do with reproductive cloning.

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