Mar 9, 2014


In the Exode Trilogy I imagine that we humans are unaware of submicroscopic artificial life forms that reside inside our bodies. These zeptoscale devices that were placed inside us by the pek are too small to be detected using the tools of nanotechnology. I imagine that Peter became the first Earthling to take seriously the task of working cooperatively with the zeptoscale symbionts that reside inside us. When he entered into the budding field of nanotechnology, Peter was never allowed to imagine how hopeless his quest was to isolate the tiny alien devices hidden inside us.

The fanciful magazine cover (to the right) shown here is meant to depict Peter's mother (Lili, in yellow) conspiring with the sentient spaceship Many Sails to implant the idea of nanite-directed embryogenesis into Peter's mind. That part of the scene takes place soon after the birth of Anna.

In the foreground, many years later, Anna and Peter are collaborating to provide the newest Atlantis clone, Angela, with a Kac'hin-like pattern of brain development. They are allowed to view a recording of the younger Peter that was made by Many Sails. This is the first opportunity for both Peter and Anna to see the true facial features of Lili.

While still in college Peter assembled the core staff of his company (IQuer, usually pronounced "I-care" and shown in marketing materials with the dual slogans "smart algorithms" or "algorithmic intelligence" and "integrated service"). Initially, IQuer was devoted to computer software development. Later, his employees were reshuffled when he turned his interests to nanotechnology. However, the last of his employees who was hired before that transition survived the retooling of IQuer and managed to have a happy and extended relationship with Peter. Unfortunately, her name remains a mystery, although "Tina" is the label of convenience that has usually been affixed to this mystery woman.

Zeptoscale Engineering
Peter's fascination with nanotechnology was stimulated by his mother and his work in that field was funded by the profits earned from IQuer software. While winding down his software business, Peter hired a young woman fresh from receiving a Ph.D. from MIT. Peter has sometimes referred to her as "Tina", but it is clear that he wants to protect her identity. Similarly, "Peter" is almost certainly a pseudonym. IQuer is now defunct, but documents show its founder to have used the name Peter Tarkenton. At that time there was a student using that name in attendance at Arosa University.

At first, Peter operated IQuer from the grounds of his parents' estate just outside Arosaguntacook. While working at the original IQuer facilitiy, "Tina" seems to have established the coding conventions for what became the IQuer system or "protocols" of neurodevelopmental programming.

It was probably soon after she joined IQuer that Tina and Peter established a personal relationship. Tina went on to become head of the IQuer neurodevelopmental unit.

Peter was able to isolate some nanoscale devices from his own body. The IQuer protocols generally refer to those devices as PNDs. Apparently, Peter and Tina spent many years learning how to program the PNDs. Unfortunately, those devices seem to have been decoys (or, what is better described as training devices) designed and carefully deployed so as to position Peter and Tina for their roles in facilitating the production of "Atlantis clones" with their capacity to tap into the Interface. Almost certainly, the real neurodevelopmental guidance system found inside humans is based on zeptoscale devices that Peter could never have isolated.

Although Peter carefully guards his own privacy, since the arrival of the Buld in our Solar System, he has made one public statement to the people of Earth.

Some time has now passed since the Buld first visited Earth, but we have no reason to believe that the pek-derived zeptoscale devices have ever been removed from the human population of Earth. Some have argued that those devices are only relevant to Earthlings who have significant complements of Ek'col or Kac'hin gene combinations. However, I have reason to believe that these devices have additional functions and were the means by which the pek monitored human civilization of Earth during the past 20,000 years.

Remaining Questions
If so, have these devices lost their purpose with the arrival of the Buld? Has Observer Base on the Moon ceased operations or merely shifted its organizational structure and purpose?

What about the mysterious Peter? I believe that Peter and Tina are still out there, living on Earth. Maybe some day they will find it possible to share with us more of the hidden history of IQuer and how Angela and Anney were given access to the Interface.

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