Nov 15, 2014

Civil War in the Ekcolir Reality

In the Ekcolir Reality, New York, Virginia, is the capitol city
of "New England", the nation Beverwijck en Nicotiana
The five boroughs of New York are shown.
Yrovi recently provided me with a batch of infites that carry information about how human civilization on our planet was different in the Ekcolir Reality.

In that Reality, there never was a United States of America. Instead, there was a small nation called Beverwijck en Nicotiana, commonly known as New England.

In the Ekcolir Reality, the equivalent of the Civil War was a largely economic struggle over the fate of the southern and western parts of Beverwijck en Nicotiana.

Beverwijck en Nicotiana
New York
The city of New York, Virginia, fell right on the border between the industrial North and the agricultural South. During much of the Civil War in the Ekcolir Reality, the nation's capitol was relocated to the more northern city of New Amsterdam.

The pace of technological advance was somewhat quicker in the Ekcolir Reality than in the Buld Reality, the world as we know it. The Civil War was fought with machine guns, early tanks and early airplanes; about the same kinds of arms as were available for our World War I.

Fossil fuel use explodes
in the Ekcolir Reality
The Civil War
The Civil War within the Ekcolir Reality had international consequences since New France supported the efforts of the Appalachian coal field states and the states of the agrarian South to secede from New England. Similarly, fearing the loss of Florida, the nation of Espanola supported the industrial North. President Lincoln was widely viewed as triggering the Civil War by signing into law the Coal Fields Exploitation Act, explicitly authorizing large scale strip mining within the Appalachian Plateau.

Since rising CO2 levels were already recognized as posing a threat for global warming and catastrophic sea level rise, Lincoln's rush to develop the rural West and South of New England by developing fossil fuel resources triggered the war. The people in New York were already suffering in their battle with the rising sea level, and so, as Virginians, many of them sided with the rural secessionists who opposed strip mining and coal burning.

An account of the Civil War in the Ekcolir Reality will soon be published. One of the most provocative ideas in Assassination by Subtraction is that time travel was used to make possible the assassination of President Lincoln. However, the main lesson learned by that Interventionist escapade was that eliminating a single person such as Lincoln makes no significant dent in human development of fossil fuel energy sources.

Dead Widower Society
With Ivory removed from my list of collaborator, I'm turning my attention to the possibility that I can make contact with the Dead Widower Society.  I know that the "dead widowers" are aware of me, but I suspect that they don't really want to reveal any details of their personal lives to me.
The West in the Ekcolir Reality (source).

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