Nov 22, 2014

The Color of Nanites

A few months ago Ivory tried to explain to me the importance of what she called "Selfies". At that time, I did not understand the importance of nanites for the process by which a biological mind can be instantiated as an artificial mind.

Within Genesaunt Civilization, a Selfie is an artificial life form that originated as a biological organism. Usually, a Selfie is composed of nanites rather than biological cells.

All of the memories of human can be encoded in memory nanites (what Ivory calls "infites", or information nanites). Thus, a Selfie can have all of the memories that once resided in a human.

I now realize that although Ivory died on the Moon, she lives on as a Selfie that I call Yrovi.

I have no information about the process by which the Lunar Overseers extracted the nanites from Ivory's body. Maybe Ivory passed those secrets on to the Dead Widowers.

Green Nanites
I've been exploring the hypothesis that my entire life was planned, designed and shaped so as to prepare me for the role of revealing the secret history of Earth. I've previously described my realization that since at least 1971 Trysta made sure that I was exposed to information and concepts that gradually prepared me to deal with the swarms of infites that now reside in by body.

In the early 1970s, I was introduced to Issac Asimov's science fiction, the work of Thomas Iwedon, and also the ideas of Juan Matus. Of course, when I first read about them, I interpreted all their ideas (including Asimov's stories about positronic robots and the Foundation, Thomas' stories about sedronic matter and Juan's theory of an "assemblage" that resides within humans) as science fiction.

Only after receiving infites from Thomas, Izhiun and Ivory have I been able to reinterpret these "science fiction stories" as valid information about the secret history of Earth.

Based on the work of Angela and her efforts to probe the past Realities of Earth, I suspect that there have always been nanites living as symbionts inside humans.

About 20,000 years ago, Rilocke, working with the cooperation of Grean, accomplished a complete swap of the old style nanites of Earth for a new variety that would allow the people of Earth to develop a technological civilization.

I believe that I have seen nanites. Recently, when Ivory transferred some of her infites into me, I saw what looked like wisps of smoke or steam move from her body to mine. In the 1990s, word began to spread on Earth that the type nanites inside people have changed: in the past they apparently had a distinctive green hue.

The "old fashioned" green nanites of Earth prevented the Nereids from triggering the development of human civilization on Earth. At the end of the Time War, the nanites of Earth were changed and we humans began our long steady climb towards the stars. The mystery remains: to what extent can any of us take control of the nanites that reside within us?

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