Feb 1, 2017

Lost Pages

In an alternate Reality, his blog post could have been called "censorship". The topic of censorship is never far from my thoughts because my thoughts have been edited and censored. The editing of my memories was the price I paid for being allowed to remain here on Earth.

Lost Pages
Knowledge of the lost pages of my mind, limited as it is, makes me fear that I have lost something precious and that fills me with foreboding. What if I now "rediscover" the same forbidden knowledge that previously had to be scrubbed out of my thoughts? Is there a "two strikes and you are out" rule being enforced by the tryp'At Overseers? For all I know, I maybe on my third strike. Or thirteenth.

The image above and to the right is the original "duckrabbit" illustration from 1892 that was made famous by Ludwig Wittgenstein. It reminds me that by seeing events in more than one way we have a chance to expand our minds and not get stuck inside false views of Reality.

The human brain can be a trap that locks us into one view of Reality. Currently, my collaborator Zeta and I are struggling mightily to escape from our old restricted and misleading view of what the Asimov replicoid will be able to accomplish during his exploration of the AR Simulation. With exuberant optimism, I had begun to view the AR Simulation as a type of futuristic book that the replicoid of Isaac Asimov could step into and where he could investigate the mysterious origins of the tryp'At.

Zeta suggests that there is nothing wrong with this analogy relating the AR Simulation to a book. However, like a book, there might be some "lost pages" that have been cut out of the AR Simulation. Apparently the Asimov replicoid tried to extract some forbidden knowledge from the AR Simulation and he almost didn't make it back out. I fear that Asimov escaped from the AR Simulation only because he made the same choice I did: he allowed his memories of forbidden topics to be erased.

In the Asimov Reality
According to Yōd, the part of Deep Time that I think of as the Asimov Reality is actually a family of Realities. I had been led to believe that time travel was not much used while humans were spreading outward from Earth into the galaxy in "the" Asimov Reality, but there were apparently many Reality Changes and "corrections" made to that timeline. Yōd believes that since all those variations were eventually "erased", it is not worth worrying about them.

In the Ekcolir Reality
However, Zeta suspects that most of the "erasures" were carried out by the pek in situations where humans learned too much about advanced technologies. We humans are a constant danger too ourselves: skilled tool users who can turn the power of technology against ourselves.

Karalin Umdys on Sogdian
Zeta believes that in the Asimov Reality, the Phari were carrying out experiments on humans during the entire space age. One site of human experimentation was the planet Sogdian, where cloning technology and developmental control nanites were used to explore the extent to which human brains could be adapted to serve as hosts for femtobot endosymbionts.

genetics 101
Zeta suggests that Kirth Gersen and Karalin Umdys were used by the bumpha as their agents and tools for revealing to humans the existence of the Phari. However, the pek had to subsequently erase that forbidden knowledge from all human memory. Zeta also claims that Kirth and the "Drusilla clones" were almost genetically identical, differing only in that Kirth had been "manufactured" as a male.

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