Jan 29, 2017

The Asimov Reality

The Asimov Reality
Back in 2013 I had a blog post called "The Buld Reality".
In 2015 I made another post called "The Ekcolir Reality".
Now, here in 2017 it is time for "The Asimov Reality".

The Exode Saga
our Reality Chain
A Search Beyond is an investigation of future events in the Asimov Reality. Here in the Final Reality, most of what we know about the Asimov Reality comes from the science fiction stories of Jack Vance.

Before the Asimov Reality, further back in Deep Time, was the Foundation Reality. The spread of Humanity through the galaxy in the Foundation Reality was described in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Fictional Universe.

The Foundation Reality
Even further back, as described in Asimov's time travel novel The End of Eternity, was the Malansohn Reality. The Malansohn Reality had been carefully constructed by R. Gohrlay as a Reality in which an Asterothrope from 10 million years in the future could put an end to the use of time travel by Earthlings. That last of the Asterothropes is known to us here in the Final Reality as Trysta Iwedon.

R. Gohrlay tried to protect Humanity from the alien Huaoshy by creating Galaxia, a galaxy-spanning telepathic group mind. However, the Huaoshy technological advantage in sedronic technology along with the fact that the biological components of Galaxia were not human (according to R. Gohrlay's own definition) forced the positronic robots of Earth into a compromise.

The Trysta Truce
the tryp'At Overseers
During the Asimov Reality, the Trysta Truce was in effect. Under the terms of the Trysta Truce, the bumpha were able to develop the tryp'At, a human variant that could use the Bimanoid Interface.

Similarly, the pek were able to develop the Ek'col, a type of Sedronite that would allow Trysta's children to have descendants that could merge into the human population of Earth.

The prototype Ek'col was a man called Ekcolir. He was an Interventionist agent on Earth in the middle of the 20th century. His mission was to seduce Trysta and make it possible for her to agree to the terms of what we know as the Trysta-Grean Pact.

Trysta-Grean Pact
The Trysta-Grean Pact
The Trysta-Grean Pact allowed for an end to the Time Travel War between the Huaoshy and R. Gohrlay.

Today, Zeta, Yōd and I got into a deep philosophical discussion about the transition that took place when the Huaoshy altered the physics of the universe so as to make further time travel impossible. At the same time, the type of telepathy that R. Gohrlay had ceased to work.

Trysta Iwedon
Before the final act of dimensional engineering was carried out by the Huaoshy, R. Gohrlay must have had some knowledge of the future and what might happen to Earth after time travel would no longer be possible. However, Zeta believes that it was the Huaoshy-induced dimensional shift that triggered the Final Reality Change and our future might be significantly different from any of the futures that R. Gohrlay could view.

Yōd suspects that the Reality Viewing technology that was available to the Huaoshy and Grean was able to access the Final Reality that we now reside in. However, there are always chance events that can overcome the Temporal Momentum system that R. Gohrlay created for Earth.

The Asimov Reality
Escape from the AR Simulation
Zeta and Yōd believe that access to information about the Asimov Reality is restricted because it would be dangerous for us to know exactly how much Trysta and Grean knew about our coming future in the Final Reality. However, the replicoid of Asimov has now gained access to the Asimov Reality database that exists within Eternity. That database is a type of virtual reality simulator of events that took place in the Asimov Reality.

Yōd began acting even stranger than usual last week, and now Zeta has informed me that the Asimov replicoid had been carrying out a series of missions inside the AR simulator. After each of the missions, he would be debriefed and plans were made for the next mission. However, the Asimov replicoid has not emerged from the AR simulator for the past week.

Alice and Kirth
Zeta is worried that the AR Simulator is a trap, designed to capture anyone who tries to gain access to restricted information about our future. Yōd is hopeful that the Asimov replicoid has "gone to the next level" within the Simulator and will eventually emerge with a full account of how humans were given the ability to use the Bimanoid Interface.

Next: the Asimov replicoid escapes from the AR Simulation

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