Jan 1, 2018

Baby is 2018

A sedronite joins the party.
Original cover art by Edmund Emshwiller.
Special thanks to Miranda Hedman
( for the DeviantArt
stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock"
used to create the blue sedronite.
Continuing the tradition of a special New Year wikifiction blog post and tweet, here is a science fiction themed image to welcome in 2018 (see the image to the right on this page).

The AR Simulator
I like to imagine that in a past Reality, the Asimov Reality, alien beings from other worlds were not restricted from showing themselves on Earth. The cover illustration of Galaxy Science Fiction, October 1952 by Edmund Emshwiller included depictions of Sci Fi writers such as Asimov and Theodore Sturgeon. Sturgeon was born in 1918, so 2018 will be a year to celebrate his science fiction stories. That October 1952 issue of Galaxy included the story "Baby is Three", probably the first story written by Sturgeon that I ever read.
special for 2017

Inside the Asimov Reality Simulator of Eternity, maybe a crazy party scene like that shown to the right could actually happen in the year 2018!

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Next: retro-reading Sturgeon's 1953 story, "The Wages of Synergy"

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