May 7, 2014

Sedron Monopoly

The first book of the Exode Trilogy shows how a truce is called in the 10,000,000 year war between the Huaoshy and Earthlings. The two negotiators of the truce are Trysta and Grean. Trysta is an Asterothrope and Grean is a Kac'hin.

The Asterothropes are a primate successor to the human species that was designed and deployed by the positronic robot R. Gohrlay. The Kac'hin are a human variant that was designed by the pek as an interface for the Huaoshy here in the three dimensional hadronic domain of the universe.

The Huaoshy originated about a billion years ago as biological organisms, but they long ago transcended their nature as beings of conventional matter and took up a new existence as an artificial life form residing in the Sedronic Domain.

It was the Huaoshy mastery of sedronic matter that allowed them to withstand the challenge posed by Gohrlay's discovery of time travel technology.

For the imaginary future technology of the Exode Trilogy I imagine that there are three types of matter in the universe: the conventional hadronic matter as known to Earthly physics, hierions and sedrons.

The major Huaoshy technological innovations of sedronic matter include
1) advanced teleportation technology that allows for the rapid "transmission" of information through the universe at faster-than-light speeds,
2) zeptites, tiny devices composed of Array Sedrons; 12 orders of magnitude smaller than nanites, and
3) the Huaoshy exist as artificial life forms composed of sedronic matter; the Huaoshy exist within the 10 dimensional Sedronic Domain of the universe.

During "her" 10,000,000 year reign on Earth, R. Gohrlay became skilled at creating femtobots, but she could not master sedronic matter before the Huaoshy realized that time travel was possible. When the Huaoshy realized that Earth was in the grip of telepathic time traveling robots they created their own time travel technology. The Huaoshy skill with sedronic mater allowed them to view Reality Chains and find a way to put an end to time travel.

When time travel was no longer possible, the Huaoshy still retained several copies of their sedronic equivalent of "Eternity". These devices could no longer function as temporal kinetics amplifiers, but they did allow for efficient production of sedrons, freeing the Huaoshy from the cumbersome task of harvesting naturally occurring sedronic matter. One of these "sedron fountains" was located on Earth's Moon, ensuring that the Solar System would always be of great importance within Genesaunt Civilization.

The creation of this new monopoly on sedron production by the Huaoshy allowed them to alter their ethics and allow Earth's humans a chance to reach the stars.
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The image at the top of this blog post wast made by modifying the cover image shown to the right. The Mars Monopoly by Jerry Sohl. Sadly, Sohl's story was not about mysterious aliens, just a relentless Capitalism spreading out from Earth.

For a Jerry Sohl "robots and aliens" story try The 7th Order. What happens when a blue metal "omnipotent" invading alien robot arrives on Earth?

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