Oct 4, 2014

The Phasi Intervention

About a year and a half ago I started getting some detailed reports from Ivory concerning the origins of the universe as we know it. The Reality Change that ended the Ekcolir Reality and brought into existence the Buld Reality (the world as we know it) involved a complex combination of time travel events. One of these was Trysta's time travel trip of about 10,000 years ago to the ancient city of Phasi.

Phasi was located at the eastern end of the Black Sea where what we now know as the Rioni river flowed into the Sea. Why did Trysta select Phasi as the destination for her time travel mission into our distant past?

Trysta the Asterothrope
During the past year, with help from her sister Angela, Ivory has been gradually revealing the complex and temporally twisted story of Tryst'a life....and her after life. I originally misinterpreted some of what I was told about Trysta. In the first Reality within which she lived in the 20th century, Trysta used the name Noÿs and she lived with Andrew Harlan.  This was mentioned by Isaac Asimov in his book, The End of Eternity. (2015 update: how Asimov knew about events in past Realities)

At first, I mistakenly assumed that Andrew had been the father of Trysta's son Thomas. Trysta worked hard to make Andrew believe that he was the father of Thomas. Eventually I realized that as an Asterothrope, there was no way that Trysta could have successfully reproduced with a primitive Earthling like Harlan. As members of two different primate species, the gametes of Trysta and Andrew were not compatible and they could not have children together.

I now understand that Trysta came to the 20th century equipped to initiate pregnancies on her own. Her first two children were Asterothropes, their cells carefully guided and sculpted to produce a bodily morphology similar to that of we humans. Andrew was completely fooled and he was happy to assume that he was the father of Tryst'a children. In their first Reality together in the 20th century, the Foundation Reality, Andrew and Trysta and their children had the long and happy life together that Trysta had foreseen.

Asimov's Foundation
That rather magical Reality, which most Earthlings only know through the writing of Isaac Asimov, was replace by a horrific Reality in which our world suffered through a devastating nuclear war in the 20th century. Ironically, it was Asimov's time travel mission that ended the Foundation Reality and resulted in nuclear war. In that dismal Reality, sometimes called the Grean Reality, Andrew was captured by the Overseers and taken to the Moon where he lived out his life, separated from Trysta and their children.

Grean had caused that Reality to come into existence for the sole purpose of capturing the last positronic robot agent who had been stationed on Earth by R. Gohrlay. With that task complete, Grean next set out to work collaboratively with Trysta and put an end to time travel. Grean's main tool for breaking down Trysta's resistance to collaboration was Ekcolir. Ekcolir, an Ek'col male, had been designed, crafted and trained to win Tryst'a trust. Ekcolir was completely successful in his mission. Ekcolir and Trysta fell in love and he had been specifically designed to make it possible to father hybrid human-Astreothrope children. Thus, the Thomas of our Reality is the son of Trysta and Ekcolir.

National boundaries in the New World as found within the Ekcolir Reality (source)
Of course, Thomas was born into the Reality that preceded ours, the so-called Ekcolir Reality. Within the Ekoclir Reality, global warming and rapid sea level rise became a serious problem during the 20th century (see this account). The City of New York, Virgina, was prone to flooding as the level of the oceans steadily rose while the ice caps melted.

The Phasi Intervention
The Phasian Knot
In order to create a Reality in which Earth might not suffer either nuclear catastrophe or melting of the Antarctic ice cap, Trysta devised a complex Reality Change that brought our Reality into existence. As part of that Change, Trysta traveled through time to the ancient city of Phasi.

About 10,000 years in our past, Trysta established a teleportation terminal at the site of Phasi. The terminal was quickly inundated by the rising waters of the Black Sea, but it continued to function as a portal linking Earth to the distant planet Klyz.

The Phasi teleportation terminal was intended for use by both Grendels and human Interventionist agents who would be trained for their missions to Earth on planets located in the Koly star system of the galactic core. However, there were some "unauthorized" teleportation events that I'll discuss in a future blog post. Eventually a new teleportation terminal was created (on land!) for human Interventionists and the Grendels continued using the aquatic terminal in the Black Sea.

Why Phasi?
Breaching the Bosphorus
Of all the places on Earth that might have been chosen by Trysta for the teleportation terminal, why did she select Phasi?

1. The geography of Phasi was ideal for Trysta's mission. A low-lying area next to the Black Sea was perfect. Trysta arrived just before water rushed into the Black Sea from the Mediterranean Sea, quickly and dramatically flooding Phasi. Phasi was not much of a city, but it had a built-up temple complex on a low bluff where the teleporter could be assembled before the Flood.

2. The people of Phasi carried Preland genes that had been introduced into the human population of Earth some 10,000 years earlier by Ekcolir. This made the people of Phasi particularly easy for Trysta to control and work with during the Phasi Intervention.

3. There was no difficulty operating the undersea teleportation terminal for the next 10,000 years. Neither the Observers nor the natives of Earth ever discovered the location of the Phasi terminal.
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