Apr 4, 2009

Fiction Wikia

A space station near Mars
From an animation I did for "The Search for Kalid".
Image licensing: public domain.
I have been exploring collaborative fiction writing at the fiction wikia (also known as "Novelas") since 2005. This blog will allow me to reflect on what I am learning about how to use blogs and wiki technology to support online collaborations.

Here is a link to my user page at Novelas where there is information about the collaborative fiction writing projects I have been involved with during the past few years.

I tried to call this blog "Collaborative Fiction" but while trying to do so I discovered this other blog already existed.

The proximal stimulus for starting this blog came from my investigation of Twitter. I followed a link from Twitter to a blog called The Multiverse According to Ben where I was entertained by the post about a female mad scientist. That reminded me of my character Dexamene Gregores in the story Cellular Civilization.

"Cellular Civilization" is now over 50,000 words but it is still under construction and in search of more collaborating authors. On my To-Do list is developing the alien-inspired religious beliefs of the Thomas character. The idea is that his religious thought has grown out of the alien nanites that infect his mind. Poor guy. We have been having some discussions about religion as a theme in our fiction at the wikia-fiction IRC chat channel. It would be nice if there were some good way to integrate wiki, blogs, microblogs and chat. Another task for Stefiz. Get busy, girl.

Future collaborations...
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  1. Automatic creation of subtitles would be useful at the Xtranormal website...otherwise it is a fun site.