Apr 10, 2009

Science Fiction Challenge

The Science Fiction Challenge is a collaborative fiction writing project exploring the nature and boundaries of science through science fiction writing.

The images in this post and at the top of this blog are from the video teaser for a story called "The nanoepitaxy of Susanne Marie" which is part of the Science Fiction Challenge. The story explores the idea that there might be evidence for extraterrestrial life that can be found right on Earth....if we knew where to look and what to look for.

In the story, Susanne Marie Ganice becomes the first person found to be a host for a nanorobotic life form of extraterrestrial origin. Normally, such nanorobotic life forms do not interfere with the course of development of the native life forms on Earth. However, certain "renegade" nanorobotic life forms make use of cloned humans as a tool for passing knowledge from generation to generation. The goal of these renegades is to artificially stimulate human progress, but their methods are illegal. This illegal program involves producing clones, allowing the clones to remain on Earth and then performing a form of "nanoepitaxy" to connect the brains of the parent and its clone, allowing a form of shared consciousness and "downloading" of thoughts from the parent to its clone. Susanne Marie Ganice is such a clone. The story is about how she discovers what is going on, and then how the people of Earth do also.

If you would like to help write this story, feel free to participate at this wiki page.

Below: video teaser for "The Nanoepitaxy of Susanne Marie"...

Images: Available for re-use under the Creative Commons attribution share-alike license

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