Apr 5, 2009

The fun of collaborative fiction

Imagine a bored government employee who during lunch break starts writing a story at a wiki website. At first the story is just a brief account of someone foolishly driving too fast to work. Other participants at the wiki pitch in and soon the story becomes a mystery about how a human-like artificial intelligence first develops in a machine. When the dust clears a 70,000 word collaboratively written novel has been created...with plenty of fun along the way...and is any story ever really complete in wiki format?

If you have never bothered to click on the "edit button" at a wiki website and participate in the collaborative authoring of webpages, feel free to join the fun at Novelas.

There is a more detailed discussion of the collaborative origins of this particular story at Wikiversity.

About the image. I made the diagram (above) in order to illustrate how nanorobotic devices are able invade a human brain and allow for direct communication between an artificial intelligence and a person. This image is licensed under the GFDL.

Below: a video teaser for the VirleMail story.

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