Apr 7, 2009

New collaboration: start your characters

We started a new collaboration today. The project is called "Wiki fiction stew" because each participating author creates a character and throws it into the pot. The plot is then constructed around the characters and each authors writes the part of the story that describes their own character.

I'm not sure how this will really work. It seems likely that participants could select characters that will never have much scope for interesting interactions. I tend to make characters who are "out of this world" for my science fiction stories (for example, the image shown here is a character from "The Start of Eternity"). An alternative approach would be to first select a general topic/setting for the story and then have participants make sure they select characters that are suited for the story.

Image. The image of the alien (above) is licensed under the GFDL. Thanks to Hervé Cozanet and Susanne Kauz for copyleft images used for making this alien!


  1. Hi John. Everything you have written about collaborative fiction is spot on with what i agree with. This post describes one of the things we will be tackling in the 2nd phase of our site (creative and collaboration writing site). Could we contact you via email, you would be absolutely great to have contact with?

  2. Only two months later, now I notice this comment.

    Drop by my user page and click on "email this user"