Apr 17, 2014

Seamount Bermúdez

At the start of 2012 I began trying to imagine how Parthney, a young man who grew up on the distant planet Hemmal, would be prepared and trained for his mission to Earth as an Interventionist agent. Parthney is trained at a secret base called Lendhalen which is nominally controlled by the Pla, however the alien Fru'wu have long provided technical and doctrinal support to the Pla.

Also at Lendhalen are robots. In particular, Parthney is assigned the robot Syon as his personal aide and domestic helper. At first Syon seems backwards and clumsy, by far the most primitive artificial life form in the Exode Trilogy. But slowly through his years of training, Syon changes and Parthney finds that she is a source of amazing insights into the true nature of the entire Earth Interventionist operation. When Parthney sings praises of Syon to his Pla handlers they don't believe him and he can't convince anyone else at Lendhalen of Syon's value. When ever anyone else is present, Syon is her old klunky self.

In addition to the Pla and the robots there are some Earthlings who live at Lendhalen. The most recent arrival from Earth is Gwyned, who is actually Parthney's half sister, although they are not aware of their familial relationship. The other Earthlings are all from deep in Earth's past, a living human library that can provide Parthney with valuable insights into the history of Earth and how a long series of Interventionist agents who preceded Parthney to Earth have shaped the course of technological and cultural progress. While Gwyned is the most "modern" Earthling who Parthney works with at Lendhalen, Meropa is the most "ancient". Her Earthly origins can be traced back 10,000 years.

Location of the Priabonian mining
operation (blue) of the pek.
In the Ekcolir Reality, Bermuda is completely submerged by the rising sea level after the Antarctic ice sheet melts. Looking into the future, Trysta observes the disastrous effects for life on Earth from rising temperatures and rapid changes in ocean pH. As described in my previous blog post, Earth is locked into a strange temporal attractor that causes ecological disaster either by nuclear radiation or global warming.

Trysta works long and hard searching through alternate Realities of ever lower probability in an attempt to find a future in which humans can reach the stars without devastating Earth's ecosystem. One day, she comes upon a possible Reality in which there is only modest sea level rise due to fossil fuel use and global warming. Following her standard protocol, she then begins to look for a satisfactory Reality Chain branching off from this promising Reality. In this way, Trysta makes her great discovery: the Buld Reality is the Final Reality.

It takes a while for Trysta and Grean to understand how it might be possible for the Huaoshy to put an end to time travel. Eventually, the deed is done: the Huaoshy alter the dimensional structure of the universe so as to make further time travel impossible. By that point, Trysta is in the Buld Reality and it is no longer possible to obtain any information from the future.

Image to the left. Location of one of the pek-engineered Priabonian asteroid impact sites.
Below: the pek-induced Priabonian crustal fracture lines are indicated, although most of these cracks are deep and have not yet been detected by Earthlings.
Locations of 10 Priabonian asteroid impacts (red arrows). The older Manicouagan crater is visible.

Bermuda Triangles
Mistastin crater: one of 10 Priabonian asteroid impacts.
The island of Bermuda is quite familiar to Trysta. For the Exode Trilogy I imagine that 7,000,000 years ago the pek began to alter primate evolution on Earth. However, the pek first visited Earth 655 million years ago. At that time, they initiated a plan for gradually improving the diversity of life on Earth.

When Thomas wrote Miners of Earth he had only a vague understanding of the long period of time during which the pek had been visiting Earth.  The pek spent over half a billion years mining planet Earth for sedronic matter before humans existed.

The last such mining efforts was initiated during the Priabonian. The pek engineered the synchronized impact on Earth by 10 asteroids (at the locations shown by the arrows in the image above). This bombardment was prelude to extension of ongoing pek mining operations past the continental shelf and out under the growing Atlantic sea floor. This new phase of mining triggered the eruption that formed Bermuda. The older Manicouagan crater marks the eastern edge of earlier pek mining operations further west and north under the North American plate.

Earth 655 million years ago
The basic pek mining method was to teleport huge volumes of sedron-containing magma to an orbital processing facility. Most of processed magma was then returned to Earth, but this type of large-scale teleportation operation (in continual use for over 600 million years on Earth) also allowed the pek to buffer natural swings in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, thus moderating climatic changes and preventing any further "snowball Earth" events.

By the Priabonian, the yields of sedronic matter from mining Earth were low and climate control was the main pek concern. Sedron mining eventually became unnecessary after time travel was invented.

For about 10 million years the island of Bermuda was a convenient base for pek mining operations. Then, with the evolution of larger brained social primates, the pek could no longer treat Earth as a mining depot. They ended all mining and removed some early apes from Earth and began experimenting with their directed evolution on other planets near the core of the galaxy.

Mintha and Meropa
In the Ekcolir Reality, Interventionists often used Bermuda as a convenient base of operations. When Trysta went back in time to help initiate the Buld Reality, she worked with an Ek'col named Athlash. Their son, Hyanti, was raised on Bermuda before being sent from Earth to the Koly star system. There, he and a Kac'hin named Karonis had a daughter, Tayge. Tayge was cloned, resulting in many "sisters", including Meropa, Psamatha and Mintha. Meropa became an important collaborator with Leymaygn and was one of the residents of Lendhalen during Parthney's training. An artificial life replica of Meropa became an important assistant to Interventionist agents on Earth during the 4th millennium BCE.

When Earthlings finally settled Bermuda, the Interventionists were comfortable using a nearby undersea facility as a base of operations. This secret base was sometimes jokingly called "Atlantis". After the initiation of the Buld Reality, Grean had to change the rules for Interventionist on Earth. Grean stationed Many Sails near Bermuda and denied the use of Bermuda to Interventionists.

It was only with the aid of the Atlantis Clones that the Exode Trilogy became a story that could be told. As shown below, a linkage had to be made between Ivory and Thomas: "the editor".

Connections between Ivory and Thomas
Neither Ivory or Thomas has many contacts with run-of-the-mill Earthlings. Ivory goes into seclusion at Atlantis and helps develop Angela's ability to use the Bimanoid Interface. Angela can sense the Buld who are approaching Earth, but she has no way to contact the Buld spaceship or even verify that her "vision" of an approaching ship is correct. Ivory is the one to go out and get help from Paul Allen to establish communications with the Buld Spaceship.

Thomas is in a difficult position when he arrives in the Buld Reality. Trysta has viewed his future in the Buld Reality and Thomas knows that he has some role to play in the future of Earth, but he knows no details of his future life. When he arrives in the Buld Reality, the Huaoshy alter the dimensional structure of the universe and make time travel impossible. Thomas has long had the ability to receive information from the future, mostly in the form of contact with his future self and Trysta, a type of communication that was mostly at an unconscious level. When that connection to the future is lost, Thomas becomes very unhappy. He decides that he needs to remove all the nanites from his brain. That decision precipitates as severe mental breakdown. He only slowly recovers and he develops a long-lasting relationship with one of his doctors, Janet Jepson. Thomas eventually takes back on board his nanites, but in the Buld Reality he is never comfortable with them in his brain.

After the Buld visit Earth, the Nereid Intervention on Earth is terminated and the Overseers abandon their monitoring of Earth then all of the conditions of the agreement between Trysta and Grean have been fulfilled. Everyone with knowledge of the secret history of Humanity from Thomas to Izhiun to Grean to Angela's little "sister" Anney depart planet Earth. However, Izhiun want's to leave the people of Earth with information about Genesaunt Civilization. After consultation with Thomas, Izhiun and Thomas leave their nanites in "the editor". At first, the editor has no real way to make sense of the information provided by those nanites. However, Ivory finally completes the connection and brings together Angela with key information from Izhiun's nanites, allowing Angela to finally make efficient use of the Bimanoid Interface to access data in the Sedronic Domain. This allows the Exode story to be told to the people of Earth.

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