Jun 3, 2014

Guilliam and Sandy

Trysta and Ekcolir
In my previous blog post I started making some updated illustrations for the science fiction story Trysta and Ekcolir. Trysta is an Asterothrope female from the far future. There are no male Asterothropes. To make illustrations of Trysta while on her time travel adventures in the Primitive, I've been using images from the deviantART gallery of Sandy Manase.

Ekcolir is designed by the alien pek to catch Trysta's eye. They fall in love, but then they must both travel back into the past to separate times in order to bring into existence a new Reality, the world as we know it.

I'm having trouble moving away from using software-rendered images of my story characters. It is not easy to find copy-left images of people in the type of poses that I imagine for the characters in scenes of my stories.

Click image to enlarge. Image credits above and here.
For the intimate moment depicted in the upper right corner of this blog post, I made use of an image of "Guilliam" from the folks at Random Acts.

I wanted to include an image of Trysta and Ekcolir together in the cover art (see the image to the right). In the bottom panel, Grean and Ekcolir are discussing the fact that they can "view" a future in which Trysta and Ekcolir become lovers. 

In the upper left corner we get to peer into Trysta's mind while she taps into the Sedronic Domain. She is aware that she is being watched, but she does not yet know either Ekcolir or Grean.

As Told By...
Trysta and Ekcolir is a story written by "the editor", but "told" by Thomas Iwedon. Thomas passes along to "the editor" a swarm of zeptites that allow him to sort out events that took place in the Ekcolir Reality.

alien inspiration (source)
My next step
Grean is a Kac'hin. I've been having fun depicting Kac'hin characters with some non-human facial features.

A Kac'hin such as Grean can use her swarm of endosymbionic zeptites to alter her skin tone, color her hair and morph her physical features. I'm feeling inspired to make some kind of alien epidermis for Grean. In his photo-manipulation called "The Holy women", Thomas at deviantART managed to transform the appearance of human skin into the appearance of an artificial material or an alien tissue. If the Kac'hin have been living for about 100,000 years in the Hierion Domain then what types of features might they have that reflect that artificial environment?

I also want to use the composite image of Trysta and Ekcolir together for the banner at the Trysta and Ekcolir website.

My next blog post: new cover art for the third book of the Exode Trilogy: Exode.

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