Jun 11, 2016

500 Images

Reconstruction of Miners of Earth
as seen in the Ekcolir Reality
Back in the early 1970 two changes came into my life: my family got a color television and I discovered that cheap printed science fiction novels existed. It was a mind-expanding experience to suddenly see color television programs such as Star Trek that I had only previously seen in black and white.

original cover art by Christopher Foss
My introduction to printed science fiction came in the form of a book that I held in my hands only once: Miners of Earth.

According to Gohrlay, Miners of Earth was made into a television series in the Ekcolir Reality.

In the First Reality, Gohrlay grew up reading Escapist fiction in electronic format. After making friends among the Escapist authors, Gohrlay was able to read some printed books with stories that were not available through the official fiction databases at Observer Base. Those underground stories were hand-written and lavishly illustrated. They awakened Gohrlay's interest in the visual arts.

I've always enjoyed illustrating my own science fiction stories, particularly after I was given conscious access to infites and other sources of information about Deep Time.

During the past few years, it has become my habit to include an image with most of my tweets and I've now reached my 500th image sent out via Twitter. All those images can be seen here.

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