Jun 26, 2016


In the Ekcolir Reality:  Predestination Moon.
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In the previous Reality, science fiction was dominated by trained scientists, many of them women.

The analogue of Isaac Asimov in the Ekcolir Reality wrote one of the first popular science accounts of the theory that Earth's Moon was created by a collision of two proto-planets: 'The Error of the Moon' was published in Future Science Fiction magazine.

Not long thereafter, one of the analogues of Jack Vance published Predestination Moon. The geological detail of that story created controversy and many observers suspected that the story was actually a collaborative effort. In any case, it told the story of how "ancient aliens" created the Moon by design, using their advanced technology to shift a giant asteroid onto a collision course with Earth.

Investigating the Kac'hin
The Next 4 Billion
My collaborators Gohrlay and Angela have both tried to estimate the age of the Huaoshy and they came to a shared conclusion: the Huaoshy are not ancient enough to have possibly been involved in the creation of Earth. But what about the next 4,000,000,000 years of Earth?

Grean's concern in the Ekcolir Reality was ending the Time Travel War and bringing into existence the Final Reality. The Kac'hin were created as a kind of interface between we humans and the Huaoshy. It is not clear that any human ever saw the true physical form of a Kac'hin.

In fact, both Ivory and Gohrlay reached the conclusion that the physical form of the Kac'hin as displayed to humans was a kind of disguise or shell that concealed the true nature of the Kac'hin. According to Gohrlay, the Kac'hin had "extensions" within the Hierion Domain and femtobot "appendages" that were able to link an "individual" Kac'hin into the network of all Kac'hin.

Trysta's family tree.

The ability of Kac'hin to produce human offspring was a "feature" of the Kac'hin that arose from genetic surgery carried out by femtobots. As shown in the family tree, above, the Kac'hin have played a major role in allowing the descendants of Trysta to "infiltrate" Earth and shape the structure of the Buld Reality.

According to Gohrlay, the Trysta-Grean Pact included a way for Trysta to have descendants who would live on into the future of Earth here in the Final Reality. However, which of the many branches of Trysta's family tree that might have been allowed to persist here under the watchful eyes of the tryp'At Overseers is not clear.

After several years of investigating Trysta's twisty family, I remain most puzzled by the strange case of Svahr. It appears that Svahr played a decisive role in the Reality Change that ended the Ekcolir Reality and brought into existence the Final Reality. I've been exposed to accounts of Svahr's life in the Ekcolir Reality (example), but Svahr also seems to have been one of the individuals who was "stored" in Eternity and "brought into" the Final Reality from the Ekcolir Reality. Svahr might still be on Earth and avoiding the attention of the tryp'At.

Gohrlay believes that it is a mistake to put too much emphasis on Svahr. Gohrlay endorses the idea that 10,000 years ago Trysta "inserted" Asterothrope genes into the human population of Earth. Since that story is told so as to include a role for the tryp'At, it would not surprise me if Svahr is here on Earth and does not have to work to avoid the notice of the tryp'At. Indeed, it may be that she has more to fear from having her identity revealed to we humans who might want to study her and her particularly "concentrated" collection of Asterothrope genes.

Trysta Iwedon
I suspect that Svahr retains a set of nanites that allow her to alter her physical appearance. It may well be that Svahr has already had contact with me, but I would have no way of recognizing her, which is probably exactly the way she wants it.

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