Jun 11, 2016

Clones of Gohrlay

During the past year I've grown comfortable with the idea of multiple "copies" of Gohrlay both as analogues in different Realities and in the form of artificial life versions of her original biological self. Now I've discovered that there are clones of Gohrlay, here in our Reality, and there have been such clones going all the way back to the First Reality.

What could be worse than making this discovery at such a late date? I've been slowly learning about the life that Gohrlay has led -the Gohrlay that I know. Now, suddenly, the question arises: what have Gohrlay's clones been doing? It seems clear that Gohrlay does not want to discuss this matter, so I'm forced to interpolate from the few comments that she has made. Now I suspect that not only are there clones of Gohrlay, but those clones have often been kept busy "dealing with" clones of me.

Alpha Gohrlay
A whimsical depiction of some teleporting Gohrlay clones. Image credits.
The copyrighted "Mortal Instruments" photographs provided courtesy of Gretchen Byers.
In some sense, there was a competition between the various Gohrlay clones to "develop" the best path into the future. Just before the Huaoshy put an end to time travel, R. Gohrlay selected the "winner", the particular Gohrlay clone who seemed to be best suited to "inherit" all of R. Gohrlay's memories.

For lack of better terminology, I'm going to refer to the particular Gohrlay clone who received the R. Gohrlay infites as Alpha Gohrlay. Alpha Gohrlay is apparently very busy and so only occasionally have I been in her presence. There are always some Gohrlay clones available to "fill in" for Alpha Gohrlay when she is too busy to be dealing with me. This might account for the frequent failure of Gohrlay to tell me anything useful about the past: most of the time I am with a Gohrlay clone who is not equipped with R. Gohrlay's vast store of information about past Realities.

the clones of Ivory Fersoni
I've long known that  some clones of Thomas and the Atlantis Clones operated on Earth, so it is not really a surprise that there would be other sets of clones. I suspect that my clones might have been removed from Earth in the recent past, but if there are Gohrlay clones still on Earth then there could also be a few copies of me around.

I'm also left wondering if there have been clones of Gohrlay in previous Realities. I've long suspected that there were multiple copies of Gohrlay in the First Reality, but what about all of the many other Realities such as the Asimov Reality and the Ekcolir Reality?

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