Jan 3, 2016

adVance to 2016

Is it that time again? Back in 2014, I created a new banner for the website where I am constructing the science fiction novel Trysta and Ekcolir.
banner for the Trysta and Ekcolir website
I previously blogged about the source images that I used to represent Trysta and Ekcolir, the time twisted lovers who brought into existence the world as we know it. Also in that banner is a depiction of the Reality Chain leading up to our Reality.
the Dead Widower Society
Just about the same time, I was sinking deep into recursive science fiction elements of the Exode Trilogy. I created a banner for the the Dead Widower Society. That's poor Isaac Asimov, caught up in the Time Travel War.
the original wikifiction banner
When I began the wikifiction blog, I used a CGI scene for the header image (above). At that time, I was using wiki software as the main platform for writing new science fiction stories. Since then, I've switched over to using blogs as my fiction writing playground. In 2012, I changed the banner of this blog:
wikifiction banner 2012-2015
That is a CGI-rendered version of Parthney and Kach standing next to a whimsical device that is acting as a kind of mysterious platform for planet Earth. Since another 3 years have past, I'm feeling the need to update the wikifiction banner. The banner for Foundations of Eternity (below) dates back to 2013, but it has the advantage of showing Gohrlay.
Foundations of Eternity
The banner for Exode (above) also dates back to 2012. That's Muchlo on the right. For completeness, here are the banners for two more of my Sci Fi blogs:
banner for the Exodemic blog
the Encyclopedia of Future Science
Science Fiction Blogging Banner: 2016
I want a new banner that has a chance of lasting through the next three years of  blogging. In 2015, the wikifiction blog took a major turn towards recursive science fiction when I discovered that the science fiction genre had been created in the 20th century in order to prepare Humanity for the Final Reality.

Asimov travels through time to meet Vance (source).
As for the Dead Widowers Society banner (above), I would not mind including the image of one or two famous science fiction writers on a new wikifiction banner. The image shown to the right is one of my favorites from 2015.

Since Jack Vance was born in 1916, I want to do something special this year to honor him (April update). Putting his image on every page of this blog would be one way to do that. See also: March tribute post.

After three years of featuring Kach and Parthney, it might be time to put on display some different characters from the Exode saga.

I'd particularly like to include one of the non-human characters, probably a Sedronite.

a Sedronite
This might be a good time to create a new illustration for type of Sedronite that I've previously avoided trying to depict such as a Fru'wu.

Next: the Phari war

August Update
After 8 months of cogitation, I finally made a new banner:
Many thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock".

Anney's tribute to Vance
I managed to insert images of Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov and Jack Vance into the new banner (the image immediately above). In the recursive science fiction of the Exode Trilogy, Sagan, Asimov and Vance appear as characters, helping to create the universe as we know it. The scene in the banner takes place in the Hierion Domain, but Sagan has been tricked into thinking that he is in Earth orbit. Behind Sagan is a diagram showing the strange attractors of our Reality Chain.

The blue alien can be thought of as being an alien such as Grean, although the true appearance of Kac'hin hermaphrodites is not known. The alien is showing Sagan two different versions of history, one that was engineered by the IPX. In an alternate Reality, a group of Interventionists operating under the code designation "ZODIAC" has altered the historical timeline and caused Lincoln to be killed. I learned about these alternate Realities from some of my collaborators who are members of the Dead Widowers.

Amazing Stories
In the depicted scene of the banner, Sagan is holding a book that was written by one of my collaborators, Anney Fersoni. Also in the scene is a copy of a science fiction magazine (Amazing Stories) from the Ekcolir Reality.

Towards the right side of the banner, just below the view port are a pair of tobacco plants. Nicotine plays a role in the Exode Trilogy as a way of allowing humans to better utilize the Bimanoid Interface.

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