Dec 28, 2014

Replicoids in Time

Original cover art by Ed Emshwiller.
Last night I got into a discussion of time travel with Anney. She agrees that time travel was "broken" some time in the late 20th century. Since the dimensional structure of the universe was altered and time travel is no longer possible, some people have trouble accepting the role that time travel played in creating the universe as we know it.

I asked Anney what she views as the best evidence for time travel. She surprised me by admitting that her sister Ivory had traveled through time. Well, almost.

According to Anney, Ivory had described being sent back in time to the year 1958. Actually what she provided was a "second hand" account from when her replicoid was sent into the past. In a sense, Ivory's conscious mind "went along for the ride" to 1958.

Marta and Adão
How close are the tryp'At to being human?
Ivory was born in late 1958, but the identity of her father has  been a source of mystery. Marta has always identified Ivory's father as Adão Fersoni, but nothing else is know about him.

At the time when Ivory's replicoid traveled to 1958, Ivory did not understand that she had some limited access to the Hierion Domain. During one particular sleep stage, the human brain can use the Bimanoid Interface and "bring back" some memories from the Hierion Domain. With Anney's help, I've been able to achieve some success in accessing my replicoid and we've been using that channel as a way to communicate. Anney can "insert" infites into my repicoid and I can remember some of what I learned from them after I "return" to the Hadronic Domain.

Apparently Ivory and I went through the same kind of training in how to use the Bimanoid Interface. When Ivory took up residence at Atlantis, she developed some skill at "merging" with her replicoid. That allowed her to correctly interpret and understand some of her old memories that she had assumed were nothing more than dream experiences.

According to Anney, based on her "trip to 1958" Ivory was completely satisfied that her father had been a typical Earthling.

Of course, I've developed something of an obsession about the tryp'At. I asked Anney if it was possible that Adão Fersoni was actually a tryp'At, not a human. Anney said, "That's too horrid to contemplate." My "session" with Anney ended soon after that.

I can understand that that Anney does not like the idea that her biological father might have been a tryp'At. Anney is in the middle of a battle with the tryp'At over differing interpretations of the Trysta-Grean Pact. However, when I was "dropping out" of the Hierion Domain, something odd happened. I'm not sure what happened, but I've been told that the conscious minds of replicoids are rather fluid. For example, two or more replicoids can "merge" their thoughts, apparently by mixing their nanites within a single replicoid's body.

The Editor
What might have happened was that Resk^Ki could have been "merging" thons mind into my replicoid. In an instant, I got the corner of an idea: maybe the tryp'At were designed to be a "device" for editing human genomes.

Was Adão Fersoni a tryp'At ?
If so, why is that important? Anney's ancestor's include an Asterothrope (Trysta), an Ek'col (Deomede) and Lili, a Kac'hin. As far as I can tell, when the Trysta-Grean Pact went into effect,  all aliens were removed from Earth, including Lili. Lili's plan was that Ivory and the Atlantis Clones would be able to remain on Earth. Ivory herself sequenced her own DNA, and while it was unusual, it was clearly human DNA.

What if the children of a tryp'At and a human-alien hybrid such as Marta has only a limited number of alien gene combinations? Just few enough to meet the criteria that are used for allowing one to have access to the "humans-only" virtual reality of the Hierion Domain? And what if those genetic criteria are what qualifies one as being an Earthling (genetically) under the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact?
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