Dec 10, 2014

Postcard From The Future

Well, that was weird.....
The Ekcolir Reality or our future?

It appears that Anney has made it possible for me to move one step closer to having control of the Bimanoid Interface. Previously, I've interpreted some of "my" memories as being based on experiences "in" the Hierion Domain. However, in some sense, the Hierion Domain is "between" the Hadronic Domain of our every day experience and the Sedronic Domain, a higher dimensional "place" where Anney and Angela have access to information about previous Realities.

I just had a "dream" about the Ekcolir Reality. At least, I hope it was. If it wasn't a vision of that past Reality, then I fear that it was a glimpse of our future. But, no.....time travel is no longer possible.....or so I've been told.

Alien hierarchy. At the top: Huaoshy
and Kac'hin. Bottom: a pek and
human slave girls.
In my "dream", I was "part of" a social gathering, what I assume to have been a meeting of the Dead Widowers Society. As far as I can tell, I was able to slip my conscious self "into" my replicoid and "listen" in on what was said during the meeting.

As far as I can tell, within the Hierion Domain there is a socially-constructed virtual reality. Parts of that virtual reality have been "constructed" by using information available within the Sedronic Domain. For the sake of argument, imagine that Anney is able to access information in the Sedronic Domain about the Ekcolir Reality. She can then allow the replicoids of the Dead Widowers to experience the Ekcolir Reality through the virtual reality "device" of the Hierion Domain.

A major concern of the Dead Widowers is the issue of whether we in the Buld Reality can avoid global warming and catastrophic sea level rise. During the meeting that I "witnessed", the specific topic of discussion was the Overseers and their possible role in helping Humanity to avoid catastrophic sea level rise.

Having "heard" that discussion, I now have a more sophisticated understanding of the command structure at Observer Base. There are three distinct social groups at Observer Base "on" the Moon. Of least importance are the Observers. Observers are simply Earthlings who have been extracted from the environment of Earth and "cultured" at Moon Base. Only a small percentage of the Observers are actually involved in "observing Earth". Most Observer don't concern themselves with Earth or we Earthlings, they just go about their lives on the Moon.

The second group of residents at Observer Base are the Overseers. I previously made the assumption that the newest Overseers are tryp'At, but that seems to be wrong. Instead, it appears that the new Overseers were, until recently, Observers (this was explained to me one year ago, but it never made sense to me before now). When the previous "generation" of Overseers abandoned their post, some of the Observers took over the role of "Overseer".

The Exode Trilogy
There has always been a third social group at Observer Base, those who are actually in charge. Until the arrival of the Buld in the Solar System, the Orbho (A.K.A. the "pek") played this role. However, under the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact, the Orbho have completed their mission and withdrawn from the Solar System. The tryp'At have now taken charge at Observer Base.

Existence of human civilization on Earth was made possible by Gohrlay's revolution on the Moon. The Dead Widowers suspect that Observer Base is currently going through the throws of another revolutionary change, a change that, once again, was engineered by Gohrlay. The question is being asked: might Gohrlay be here among us?
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