Dec 13, 2014


Lili, disguised as a human (source)
Last year, I began to hear stories about the Interventionists who were responsible for producing the Atlantis Clones. The recent death of Ivory Fersoni and my subsequent contact with her clone sister Anney have now allowed me to gain additional insights into the side of Trysta's family that is rooted in her son Andy.

Angela and Ivory were sneaky when they described the children of Andy and Lili. I assumed that they had two children: Marta and Peter. I knew Peter when we were in college and I recently became aware of the fact that I've had extensive interactions with Marta by way of the Hierion Domain.

Anney recently provided my with a pharmacological tool that allows me to have some control over the nanites that exist in my brain and how they modulate my brain function and memories. I can see now that during my life I was carefully prepared to have an interest in how memories are stored, but I'm still baffled by the fact that invisible nanites are so intimately involved. As far as I can tell, we Earthlings are the "beneficiaries" of a 20,000 year-long effort to make sure that when First Contact was achieved, some of us would have the necessary "alien" gene combinations that allow our brains to have some capacity to use the Bimanoid Interface.

Angela and Anney had their brains re-programmed during their early development so as to give them "automatic" access to the Hierion Domain. In my case, I've been provided with a special derivative of nicotine that stimulate neuronal proliferation. I'm being allowed (and encouraged) to grow the special brain structures that normally allow Prelands to have access to the Hierion Domain. As described in my previous blog post, I now have some limited ability to "visit" the Hierion Domain and "return" with memories of what I have experienced there.

During my most recent "excursion" into the Hierion Domain, I learned that Marta and my replicoid have a close "working" relationship in the Hierion Domain. Apparently, the decades-long process of training and guiding my replicoid has been a complex affair. In particular, it has involved not only Marta and her daughter Ivory, but also the Dead Widowers and, as I learned most recently, Marta's nieth*, the hermaphroditic child of her sister.

Apparently Marta's sister was, like Lili, a Kac'hin, so after the completion of Lili's mission on this planet, they both departed from Earth and went back to Tar'Tron. I have not yet learned the name of Marta's sister, however, her child Resh^Ki is well-known to my replicoid.

Now, this is where things get strange.....

I've received hints that my replicoid has spent many "years" in the Hierion Domain with both Marta and Ivory. However, within the virtual reality of the Hierion Domain, time seems to have a different rate of flow. Further, our conventional human conceptualization of "person" does not automatically apply to the replicoids that inhabit the Hierion Domain.

Marta (source)
The fundamental difference between we humans and our replicoids is that nothing prevents two (or more) replicoids from "merging" their "minds".

Thus, it is not that my replicoid spent some time with Marta, then spent time with Resh^Ki and then spent time with Ivory.

A better way to describe it is that within the virtual reality "world" of the Hierion Domain, there is a replicoid that has, at various times, hosted the consciousness of Marta, Resh^ki, Ivory or, simultaneously two of them or even all three of them at the same time.

Feature or Bug?
Within the Hierion Domain, Resh^Ki has frequent contacts with the replicoids of both her mother and Marta. This allows Resh^Ki to function as a conduit of information transfer to Earth from Lili on Tar'Tron in the Galactic Core. Among the Dead Widowers, there is a debate about whether the existence of a functioning Core-to-Earth data channel was purposefully provided to we Earthlings or, alternatively, so some suggest, Resh^Ki is just a bug in the system.

Could the aliens who created the Human Species, and who for so long prevented the development of civilization on Earth, really be stupid enough to allow a creature such as Resh^Ki to come into existence against their will?

The first science fiction novel I ever checked out of a library and read was Isaac Asimov's The Gods themselves. I suppose there is some deep psychological commentary that could be inserted here about how scientists who become science fiction story tellers simply can't control their pent-up frustrations, so they often write about a crusading character who must bring light to the world despite the stupidity of other scientists who the hero must contend against. Thus, Asimov had his Lamont, a scientist who struggles to save Humanity from technological disaster in The Gods themselves. Similarly, Carl Sagan depicted Ellie Arroway struggling to achieve First Contact. And in the Exode Trilogy, I have Ivory working to reveal the secret history of Earth to all the ignorant Earthlings (including me).

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Anyhow, in The Gods themselves, Asimov depicted a type of alien being, inside a kind of parallel universe, where there were three "sexes" that would come together in order to reproduce. In the case of Resh^Ki, sex and sexuality have an entirely different -alien- meaning. Apparently Marta's sister was not fathered by Andy. Marta's sister is a Kac'hin female. The Kac'hin come in two flavors, females and hermaphrodites.

Previously, my hypothesis has been that the Kac'hin females were specifically designed to breed with the Thomas Clones. However, The Dead Widowers suspect that there are tryp'At or other humanoids of the Galactic Core who are also inter-fertile with the Kac'hin. I have not learned anything about Resh^Ki's father, but Anney suspects that he might have been tryp'At.

We (myself and my contacts in the Dead Widowers Society) don't have any useful information about the biology of the tryp'At. In particular, we don't know if they follow the human pattern of having males and females. Possibly they don't: they might be hermaphrodites like the Prelands. In any case, Resh^Ki is a simultaneous hermaphrodite.

Very little is known about the tryp'At. The tryp'At might
be a related type of humanoid or a type of human.
As a Kac'hin hermaphrodite, it would be a violation of the Trysta-Grean Pact were Resh^Ki to visit Earth. As far as we can tell, Resh^Ki is the only "alien" who continues to have contact with Earthlings by way of the Hierion Domain. When Resh^Ki wants to communicate with Earthlings, thon merges into Marta's replicoid. It is a normal feature of the virtual reality that exists in the Hierion Domain for two people to "share" a replicoid. Somehow Resh^Ki is able to take advantage of this feature and share thons thoughts with Marta or anyone else who happens to also be merged cognitively with Marta's replicoid.

I'm only just now becoming aware of Resh^Ki and thons special abilities because people such as Ivory and Marta have worried that contact of any kind between Earthlings and residents of the Galactic Core is forbidden by the Trysta-Grean Pact. The Dead Widowers are still worried about this, but they took the chance of letting me in on this secret.

What about me? Should I not mention Resh^Ki for fear of provoking the tryp'At? I like the theory that Resh^Ki's father is a tryp'At and, further, that contacts between the Earthling's and tryp'At are allowed under the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact. Why else would the tryp'At have been put in charge of Observer Base?

* - Neith. Like neice and nephew, but refers to a hermaphrodite.
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