Dec 28, 2014

Replicoid Secrets

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This blog post is an update on my efforts to gain access to the vast information resources of the Hierion Domain. During the past year, I've experimented with techniques for altering my brain's activity in the hope that I might gain control of the Bimanoid Interface.

With the help of first Ivory and now, currently, her clone, Anney, I've learned how to retain memories from those times when my conscious mind is "in control of" my replicoid. It appears that my replicoid must "invite me" to "take control", and so far, I can only use the Bimanoid Interface while I'm in a particular stage of sleep.

Special thanks to Miranda Hedman ( for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 2 - stock" that I used the image shown to the right.

In effect, if "someone" such as Anney's replicoid wants to tell me something, then I can be "summoned" into the virtual reality of the Hierion Domain. Most recently, I was "invited" to the Domain so that Anney could share with me her paranoid views on the Overseer-Interventionist dynamic that she believes has shaped the history of human civilization on Earth.

Anney and Ajax. (image credits, + below)
When I "awaken" within the virtual reality of the Hierion Domain, I often find myself in one particular location. I think of it as "Anney's workshop". Sometimes there are others there, usually members of the Dead Widower Society, but it is Anney's special place where she works to explore the Sedronic Domain and share what she has learned with other Earthlings.

To give you a sense of Anney's power to control "her world", I've tried to depict her ability to use nanites to not only modify her own physical appearance but bring into existence the components and elements of her workshop. Shown to the left: Anney assembling her "pet" Ajax from nanorobotic components.

Ajax is one of the more alarming feature's of Anney's workshop. "He" acts like a human and speaks. According to Anney, Ajax originated as a "duplicated replicoid" and is a kind of sounding board for Anney while she is trying to "write up" her reports.

Example of another "place" frequented by Anney's
replicoid in the Hierion Domain (source)
I don't really have the proper vocabulary to explain what I mean by "reports". In the Hierion Domain, information is passed around in the form of infites: information nanites.

A visit to Anney's World involves me "awakening" inside the body of my own replicoid. Anney then  confirms that I have "arrived" and she sends a swarm of infites into me. Those infites trigger a kind of virtual reality experience, often allowing me to become aware of something that Anney has been studying, either in the Hierion Domain or in the Sedronic Domain.

Usually Anney herself is present in the physical form that she claims is her "natural form", the form that her biological body would have had if she had been allowed to fully express all of her Preland genes. Of course, she has complete control over the shape of her replicoid and sometimes she appears to me in alternate forms.

Atlantis Clones. "Atlantis" is another
"place" within the Hierion Domain.
Anney is frustrated by my slow progress. Some nights I fail to even "cross over" into the Hierion Domain. Other times I bombard Anney with so many stupid questions that she becomes sad and bored. I sense that there is a great strain on Anney and she has admitted that a crisis is looming. The Dead Widowers had expected to be able to share what they know about the secret history of humanity by publishing their accounts. However, the tryp'At seem to have disrupted those plans.

Anney looks upon me as the only viable alternative to direct communications between the Dead Widowers and the people of Earth. She despairs when I'm bumbling around with my poor control of the Bimanoid Interface and making it obvious that I know so little about the secret history of Earth. I feel like I'm making great progress, but Anney seems to think I'm: "...too old to learn the Interface."

Like her sister Angela, Anney grew up using the Bimanoid Interface and she is at home in the Hierion Domain. For me, my experiences of the Domain are disorienting and difficult to remember once my conscious mind returns to the Hadronic Domain.

Anney has warned me that some day I might return to the Hierion Domain and find that she and all the Dead Widowers have been exiled from the virtual reality that allows the replicoids of Earthlings to have a shared place in the Hierion Domain. According to Anney, the virtual reality could be "reprogrammed" so as to exclude alien-human hybrids like the Atlantis Clones.

The Resh^Ki Replicoid
My most recent "visit" with Anney in the Hierion Domain came to an abrupt end when Resk^Ki showed up. I woke up back here in the Hadronic Domain thinking that Resk^Ki wanted to tell me something, something that Anney did not want me to hear.

Anney has previously used the term "exphile", but now she finally tried to explain to me what it means. Millions of years ago, the basic Sedronite chromosome set was engineered by the pek. According to Anney, the pek were the original "X-philes". They designed a Sedronite chromosome set for which there were two sex chromosomes: X and H.

The Sedronite HXX chromosome set.
The "H" chromosome was a modified version of the primordial ape X chromosome that had been engineered to carry a modified version of the Y chromosome at one end. Most Sedronites are hermaphrodites with three sex chromosomes: HXX.

Sedronite hermaphrodites usually give birth to either hermaphroditic or female (XX) offspring. Female Sedronites can give birth to either hermaphrodites or female children. Quite rarely, an XY male can be born, but they are sickly due to only having one X chromosome.

"Family Tree" of the Sedronites.
Things got interesting when a dissident faction of the Nereids decided to transfer some of their artificial gene combinations back into the gene pool of the primates of Earth. Their efforts gradually resulted in the evolution of humans.

At the same time, the "dissident Nereids" (apparently they lived on a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy) were altering their own genes and the resulting life forms were known as the O'typ. The O'typ had three "genders", HX hermaphrodites, HY males and XX females. The XY chromosome complement did not produce viable offspring, but resulted in the growth of an endosymbiotic "soul brother" inside of its "mother".

Preland: almost human.
With time, some human gene combinations were transferred from humans into some of the descendants of the O'typ. This produced a new species, the ry'A that shared some of the telepathic abilities of the Neanderthals.

According to Anney, the pek were horrified by the entire Nereid intervention on Earth that resulted in the human species. Apparently there has long been an effort by the pek to find a way of replacing we humans with some other primate species such as the Prelands.

I've heard this tale of "Preland replacement" of humans from several sources, but I'm skeptical about its validity. As described in my previous blog post, I've begun to have a small amount of luck recovering memories from the time when Resk^Ki was still good friends with Ivory in the Hierion Domain. It has always been the contention of Resk^Ki that the Prelands were created as part of the Trysta-Grean Pact. Apparently there are other "unpopular" ideas that Resk^Ki would like to share with me, but Anney (and, maddeningly, also my replicoid) is now blocking my access to Resk^Ki.

see the faestock gallery
I don't enjoy the feeling that my replicoid is manipulating me and keeping me from having full access to the information that is available in the Hierion Domain. In particular, I'm quite curious to discover what Resk^Ki can tell me about the tryp'At.
An alien X-Phile examines
a human embryonic male.
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Image Credits.  To make the illustration of "Anney's World" (a depiction of her "workshop" in the Hierion Domain) I used three stock images from the DeviantART website. For the background setting, I used "Futuristic Columns" by E. Barbeau (visit the Cassy-Blue gallery of stock images). To depict Anney, I used "Jedi - Stock Pose Reference 21" by faestock. The cat is from "Snow Leopard Stock 19" by HOTNStock.

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