Dec 7, 2014

Searching Earth

See: "Dauntless" by Mirish
Anney Fersoni recently informed me that there are now tryp'At Overseers watching over Earth. Although Anney considers herself an Earthling, she does have large arrays of gene combinations that originated on other worlds. Apparently the tryp'At feel that it would be a violation of the Trysta-Grean Pact for someone like Anney to be on Earth.

Of course, there is a wider gray area that surrounds Anney. If I act as a conduit for sharing information from Anney with the people of Earth then am I also going to upset the Overseers?

The image to the right is a rather whimsical depiction of an Overseer who is hunting Anney. I have no idea what a tryp'At might look like. Apparently they are close approximations to Earthlings although they were constructed by artificial selection and genetic engineering on a distant planet. Also, the tryp'At are sent to the Solar System equipped with nanites that can alter their appearance, allowing them to operate on Earth without fear of being recognized as aliens.

The Trysta-Grean Pact
I've never seen any indication that the terms of the  Trysta-Grean Pact exist in written form. However, when Ivory revealed herself to the Overseers, she was quickly removed from Earth and taken to the Moon. Although, saying that Ivory went to the Moon is rather ambiguous. Apparently Observer Base is not actually on the Moon, but there is a portal on or near the Moon that can be used to access it.

Of course, Ivory wanted to be taken to Observer Base "on" the Moon, but going there quickly led to her death. I have concerns about how safe Anney is and I would not ask her to risk death just because my curiosity can be sated by the information she can provide.

I like to imagine that the cover art for Searching Earth (top right of this blog post) shows an Overseer who is about to teleport to Earth from inside the Hierion Domain. Based on what I've learned from Anney, she also has some ability to move physical objects, and possibly herself, between the Hadronic and Hierion Domains.

Apparently the tryp'At believe that we Earthlings have been pushed to far and to quickly into our technological age. Anney agrees with that assessment, and I doubt that she represents a source of danger to Earth. She claims that her only remaining interest in Earth is personal.

I've recently allowed myself to hope that Anney is on Earth and I was intrigued by the possibility that she could step in to play the role that her clone sister Angela played for more than a year: revealing the past Realities of Earth. Anney's contacts with Kach and her willingness to share revelations about the Sedronites and the tryp'At have been quite valuable and, of course, I'm greedy to learn more about the evolutionary and design history of our species. In particular, there are hints that Gohrlay selected the tryp'At to function as the new Earth Overseers.

also by Skyshi: Sunset
Image credits. To depict a tryp'At Overseer I used a DeviantART stock image called "Dauntless - Action Heroine stock 8" by Mirish (Miranda Hedman). I suppose that the tryp'At would not be dependent on anything as primitive as a cell phone, but I included one in the cover image so that I could depict the target of the Overseer's search: Anney. For the background I used "Elevator wall" by Skyshi (Andreas Gartz).
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