Jan 3, 2015

Angela's Exit

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At some point during the past month, Anney started routinely calling me "Chicken Shit". I have the feeling that became my nick name among the Dead Widowers. About a month ago, Anney told me that in order to access the Hierion Domain via the Bimanoid Interface it was necessary that I self-administer what would normally be a lethal dose of nicotine. I became cautious and only gradually increased the dose of the nicotine-containing drug that Anney provided for my use.

My fear of death annoyed Anney and her impatience kept growing until the day came when I  had to cut back on my drug dose to avoid debilitating side she just seems to be permanently disappointing by my shortcomings.

Alien drug development
During my last session with Anney in the Hierion Domain, she complained again about my excessive caution and the fact that I had taken so many weeks just to demonstrate that I lack the ability to access the Hierion Domain while I am awake. Apparently the Dead Widowers had hoped that I'd be more adept with the Bimanoid Interface and now they are having to regroup and formulate new plans.

Washington Beach
I (again) asked Anney why the Dead Widowers were themselves being so cautious at this time rather than acting to share with the world what they know about the secret history of Earth. When Thomas' attempt to turn Asimov into a fantasy author was "edited" out of the Buld Reality (see my previous blog post) time travel was still possible and the orbho were still watching over Earth, but now, I asked, aren't we Earthlings free to learn about the secret history of our world?

Anney asked me, "If you could save Earth from a catastrophe by sacrificing yourself, by giving up your life, would you do it?"

I replied, "How could I know for certain that sacrificing my life would make such a dramatic difference?"

Map of the Sedronites.
She came right back at me with another question, "What if Angela told you that your death would trigger a chain of events leading to the prevention of catastrophic sea level rise? What if she had looked into the Sedronic Domain and now could explain to you the favorable that chain of events that your death would trigger?"

Angela's Exit
Anney did not really expect me to answer her provocative question about my own death. She quickly went on to explain to me that Angela apparently went over into the Sedronic Domain. "I knew she was trying to find out if she could do it. We'd heard rumors that all Sedronites have the potential to leave behind their hadronic bodies and transmigrate into the Sedronic Domain, there existing as an artificial lifeform composed of sedronic matter."

Anney fell silent and seemed deep in thought. I asked, "So Angela is gone?"

Anney replied, "After Ivory's death, Angela seemed depressed. She told me that if she found a way to do it then she would try to cross over into the Sedronic Domain."

"Will you now follow her?"

She laughed. "Two years ago I tried to cross over myself and I failed. Anney might be the first human to make it across. Of course, if she did make it into the Sedronic Domain, that might be proof that she was not human after all."

"If she now resides in the Sedronic Domain, then can't you communicate with her?"

Anney shrugged. "I've been trying to contact Angela, but it is not a trivial problem. Think about your own access to the Hierion Domain, which is severely limited. You can only retain information that is obtained from your replicoid's experiences in this domain as long as you keep your brain in an altered state that allows your nanite endosymbiont to function as a Bimanoid Interface. Further, you can only make use of your replicoid as an information conduit when your replicoid cooperates."

"Do you mean that you don't have full access to the Sedronic Domain?"

Anney explained, "My replicoid can be invited into the Sedronic Domain by a process that is similar to what happens when you are asleep: your conscious mind can be allowed to tap into the experiences of your replicoid. Something, or someone, on the other side is always in control."
Image credits. I don't know what an Atlantis Clone really looks like. As far as I know, Ive never met Angela and I don't know if she ever played around with using nanites to alter her physical form. I've previously shared my suspicions about Ivory's natural physical form. As hybrids who have alien and human ancestors, it seems likely that Ivory and her clone sisters would not have normal human bodies if their alien genes were allowed to fully express themselves. For my depiction of Angela, I used "Trepidation" by BlooDoveStock.

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