Jan 17, 2015

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Replicoid Games
"The Arrival"
During the past month I've been blogging about my "visits" to the Hierion Domain. I've been given a few tantalizing glimpses into the Hierion Domain, but I don't really understand what I have "seen" there.

It might be constructive to write down a summary of what I believe is actually happening when I experience the Hierion Domain.....

1) My experiences in the Hierion Domain have all been mediated by my replicoid. Replicoids seem to be a form of artificial life that resides in the Hierion Domain.

2) I believe that we humans are all dual lifeforms, part hadronic organisms composed of cells and part zeptite endosymbionts. By using the Bimanoid Interface, I have been able to establish a communications channel that allows me to remember experiences that I have while my conscious mind is in control of my replicoid. I suspect that this involves a linkage between the hierion and sedronic components of my endosymbiont with the hierion-based components of my replicoid.

3) There seems to be an on-going struggle over my replicoid. During recent weeks, Anney has assisted me in using the Bimanoid Interface and she has facilitated my "visits" to the hierion domain. In contrast, I've recently learned that a tryp'At Selfie, Irhit, has been trying to prevent my access to the Hierion Domain. During the past week, since I had my first "direct" contact with Irhit, I've been unable to "return" to the Hierion Domain. Even worse, although I don't understand how, it appears that Irhit has some ability to use the Bimanoid Interface in "reverse direction" in order to exercise control over my body (at least my mind) here in the Hadronic Domain.

Asimov's Coach
The End of Eternity
I'm puzzled by many aspects of my recent experiences in/with the Hierion Domain. One of these intriguing mysteries is my conviction that there is an important connection between my replicoid and my future. I'd like to be able to identify some facts that could anchor my hunch about a link between my future and my replicoid. Here is a brief sketch of my thinking that leads me into this dark mystery.....

Time Travel
What seems like the obvious first anchor point is the central role that Isaac Asimov played in revealing the mechanics of time travel.

Ever since I was provided with the "Thomas infites", I've suspected that it was Thomas (or, more accurately, the artificial lifeform that originated as his nanite endosymbiont) that provided Asimov with information about time travel such as an understanding of the Momentum of Time. However, that was never proven and it might be that Thomas knew very little about time travel.

A few months ago, Ivory provided me with some infites that held some information about the planet Yrwerd. I'm not sure what the source of that information was (possible a tryp'At such as Resh^Ki or Irhit, maybe it came from her interaction with tryp'At Overseers on the Moon) but Ivory's information took on new meaning for me after Irhit spoke to me about his role as my coach.

I now suspect that what Ivory had discovered about Yrwerd is that it was an important source of Interventionist agents who have operated on Earth, a whole second team of agents who have operated on Earth in addition to Thomas and his clones like Parthney.

I now have to consider the possibility that Thomas and his clones were little more that a smoke screen that was designed and deployed in order to distract the Overseers while a more secretive (and competent) group our Interventionist agents did the "serious work" that really needed to be accomplished.

I'm intrigued by the idea that there is some close connection between Gohrlay and the tryp'At Interventionists from Yrwerd. It was R. Gohrlay and "her" team of positronic robots who "invented" time travel and used it to "deploy" Trysta here in the Primitive Era of Earth in order to bring into existence the Buld Reality. Did Gohrlay also design and deploy the tryp'At as her tool to "fine tune" the Buld Reality once it was brought into existence?

Since I recently learned of the existence of the tryp'At, I've been trying to develop an understanding of the abilities of various members of the Sedronite family to use the Bimanoid Interface. It appears that Asterothropes like Trysta, Kac'hin hermaphrodites including Grean and tryp'At such as Resh^Ki have all been provided with a fairly advanced ability to use the Bimanoid Interface.
Brick Bradford cartoon with the Time Top (source)

Ivory informed me that "an Interventionist from Yrwerd" had a Selfie that was able to travel back in time from a point in the Ekcolir Reality that is several hundred years in our future and then act as a coach who "inserted" key information about time travel into the Buld Reality. Until this week, I did not know what Ivory meant as a coach, but according to what I learned from Irhit, this probably means that Asimov was influenced by a type of "reverse information flow" through the Bimanoid Interface.

cover art by Robert Fuqua
It is a bit of a puzzle: were special efforts made to "release" key information about about positronic robots and time travel through the science fiction stories of Asimov or did it just happen in the Buld Reality through Temporal Momentum? Ivory's infites contained the idea that the "coach" influenced multiple targets including "Gray". My research has turned up the fact that Clarence Gray was the artist who drew the "Time Top" that was used by Brick Bradford to travel through time.

The Time Top in film (source)
Asimov suspected that most of his ideas for science fiction stories were shaped and influenced by the many science fiction stories that he read as a boy during the 1930s. He had grown tired of reading stories about "clanking, murderous robots" and so he wrote stories about robots that could be programmed to behave and help humans.

March 1932
When Asimov wrote his time travel story, The End of Eternity, he chose to describe his time travel machine as a "kettle". Actually, there were two types: one that was restricted to movement through a temporal "shaft" and another that was unrestricted and could take people back into the Primitive Era of Earth's history, before time travel had been invented.

Mushroom cloud?
Legend has it that Asimov saw a depiction of the Old Faithful geyser in Time magazine (the March 28, 1932 issue). At first he did not recognize it a steam cloud, instead he saw it as a mushroom cloud from a nuclear weapon explosion. He proceeded to imagine a time travel story in which a drawing of a mushroom cloud was used as a "secret message" by a time traveler who was lost in time.

First Contact
In the cover of the March 28, 1932 issue of Time was Charles Street, remembered for a baseball stunt: catching a ball thrown off the Washington Monument. Thomas believed that Asimov was the critical nexus of the Buld Reality and so he spent decades trying to influence the writing career of Asimov. However, it might be that Asimov's true importance in the Buld Reality only came after his death.

Ultimately, the link between Thomas and Asimov allowed Parthney (a clone of Thomas) and Thomas to both end up at Observer Base at the same time, an event foreseen by Trysta. Equipped with advanced Asterothrope nanites, Thomas was able to teleport Parthney back to the Galactic Core and, with the help of Izhiun, shut down the pek Observer program on the Moon. I've previously imagined that Asimov played a key role in linking together Thomas and Parthney, but Asimov's rather tenuous role might have been unimportant.

In addition to his career as a writer of fiction, Asimov did a large amount of fact-based science writing. He was one of the early publicists of global warming, ice cap melting and sea level rise. However, did Asimov really ever have a meaningful effect on the rate of fossil fuel use through his writing?

Replicoids in Time
For the past few weeks, since hearing the idea of time traveling replicoids, I've occasionally been contemplating the possibility that my replicoid has traveled through time. If so, then my replicoid could be a valuable source of information about the future. Irhit might be trying to prevent me from gaining control of my replicoid in order to keep me ignorant of what my replicoid learned in the future.

What if Irhit has now permanently cut me off from my replicoid and the Hierion Domain? Is it possible that I already have access to other sources of information about the future? I fear that Irhit has been able to shape and guide my thought processes, and possibly modulate my access to my own memories.

Michael Whelan cover art
I've always thought of my own family as a conventional collection of Earthlings. However, I've always had a special "connection" to my sister and some of my earliest memories are of my sister telling me stories. With hope that my use of the nicotine-based drug that I received from Anney might allow me to recover old memories, I've been trying to revive my old memories with the hope that I might "hear" my sister's words. Using a technique like that which allowed me to "talk to" Irhit, I've tried to recover the stories that my sister long ago told to me. However, I don't know if my "recovered memories" are real or just a self-generated fantasy. I'll try to bring order to these intriguing "memory fragments" in another blog post.

Next: can Hollywood do science fiction?
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