Jun 27, 2015


In the Ekcolir Reality.
As far as I know, I've never read anything written by William Nolan. I also can't remember when I first saw the film Logan's Run. In my memory, Logan's Run and Soylent Green exist in the wastes of my memory along with a gaggle of other incoherent Hollywood Sci Fi flicks.

Movie review by Roger Ebert.

I recently complained to Gohrlay about the sorry state of science fiction film making in this Reality and that caused her to launch into a tutorial about the difference between films in the Ekcolir Reality and films here in our world.

Jessica by Elias Chatzoudis
One of the major differences in the Ekcolir Reality was that the Etruscans dominated European and Western history in much the same way that the Romans dominated the history of Western civilization in our Reality.

Under the influence of the Etruscans, Western civilization in the Ekcolir Reality was distinguished by a much stronger representation of women in the early history of the science fiction genre.

Another important difference was that science fiction never made much impact on pop culture in the Ekcolir Reality. Science fiction remained mostly in print format and existed on television mostly within the confines of one specialty network that never attracted large audiences.

In the Ekcolir Reality, Logan's Run went directly from print to television. The television series was built around the premiss that in the future, technology had been developed that allowed women to reproduce without the need for men. No men remain on Earth.

In the Logan's Run television program of the Ekcolir Reality, Jessica and Holly escape from the underground city where they have lived. They explore the surface environment and visit Washington. Due to the rising sea level, Washington now exists as an undersea domed city. There they discover a robot (played by Lindsay Wagner) who tells them about men and loads them into a spaceship for a trip to Mars.

On Mars, Jessica and Holly discover a society where there are no women. They meet Kevin (played by Harrison Ford) who eventually agrees to return with Jessica to Earth.

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