Jun 14, 2015


The Fru'wu can trace their genetic origins back to Earth.
In my previous blog post I mentioned that Gohrlay has been sharing information about events in the Ekcolir Reality. In particular, it was the Fru'wu who made "First Contact" with Earth in that Reality. Sadly, contact between the Fru'wu and Earthlings was something of a disaster. The Fru'wu allowed the former employees of Space Energy Missions to share several advanced technologies with Earth, which resulted in unintended consequences.

According to Gohrlay, it was Hilde who got the idea to provide Fru'wu artificial intelligence technology to the people of Earth. I suppose the reasons for doing this are not really important, but I forced that story out of Gohrlay.

Space Energy Missions
Hilde, Luri, Betty, Ivory
In our Reality, the world as we know it, several employees of Space Energy Missions abandoned Earth and went with the Buld to Mercury. In the Ekcolir Reality, the Buld had not yet come into existence, so it was the Fru'wu who scooped up Luri and and took her to Mercury.

The plan was for Hilde and the Space Energy Missions team to build a "hierion collector" on Earth. The Buld would help Luri construct a solar energy collector on Mercury and beam the solar energy to Earth in the form of hierions.

In order to finance construction of the hierion receiving antenna on Earth and infrastructure for world-wide distribution of the energy that would be beamed to Earth from Mercury, Hilde hit upon the idea of selling access to advanced Fru'wu artificial intelligence.

Space elevator in the Ekcolir Reality.
Hilde's team prioritized construction of an advanced hierion-based communications system that allowed for the use of hierions to send vast amounts of data to and from Mercury. A new company, aiCloud, was established as a subsidiary of Space Energy Missions. The business of aiCloud was to make Fru'wu artificial intelligence technology available to wealthy corporations.

The Fru'wu artificial intelligence technology remained on Mercury. Rich customers such as Apple and Intel were allowed to buy access to the Fru'wu artificial intelligence technology by subscription only. With their access to Fru'wu AI, Intel quickly became the world leader in nanotechnology. Conventional computing power became cheap and universally available on Earth, so companies like Intel and Apple had to find new markets. Apple became the leader in developing artificial intelligence systems that were modeled after the Fru'wu AI technology.

Another key technological advance was made by Boeing. With the help of the Fru'wu AI, Boeing quickly discovered how to construct space elevators. Suddenly it was very inexpensive to move materials into orbit. Thousands of orbital space habitats were constructed. The presence of those space stations in orbit eventually made it impossible to beam vast amounts of power to Earth from Mercury. In effect, Hilde's scheme for financing the Space Energy Missions' solution to Earth's energy needs led to rapid development of the high frontier and that made it impossible to transmit energy from Mercury to Earth.

I don't fully understand what the conflict was between orbital habitats and the plan to beam energy to Earth. Apparently with the help of the Fru'wu AI, Earth's physicists discovered the existence of hierions. One of the first applications of hierion technology was for artificial gravity systems in orbital space stations. However, if a beam of high-powered hierions passed through such an artificial gravity generator, then an explosion would occur, destroying the space station.

Space Energy Missions had to abandon its plan to provide energy to Earth just when Fru'wu AI technology had stimulated Earth's economy. Demand for fossil fuels rose and the ultimate effect was to accelerate global warming and the melting of Earth's ice caps. According to Gohrlay, if rapid and catastrophic sea level rise were the only problem arising from contact with the Fru'wu, R. Gohrlay might have been happy to let the Ekcolir Reality be the Final Reality. However, Earth's development of hierion-based nanite technology apparently led to even greater problems for Humanity.

In the end, despite some favorable features of the Ekcolir Reality, R. Gohrlay had to agree to "move on" and help bring the Buld Reality into existence.

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