Jun 13, 2015

Reality Chains

The 5 most recent Realities of our Reality Chain.
The Age of Time Travel began with Gohrlay (in what we can call the First Reality) and ended some time in the late 20th century. During the Age of Time Travel there were many Reality Changes, each of which brought into existence a new Reality.

We reside within the Final Reality, which I think of as the "Buld Reality" because of the special role played by the Buld in bringing the world as we know it into existence. Just before the Buld Reality was the Ekolir Reality.

I first became aware of Time Travel by way of Isaac Asimov's account of the Malansohn Reality, as provided to us in his book, The End of Eternity. Sadly, it was not until after Time Travel became impossible that I discovered the truth: the shape of our universe was established by time travelers.

The Foundations of Eternity
It was only just a few years ago that I was allowed to become consciously aware of the important role that Time Travel played in creating the world as we know it. Asimov had hinted at the truth: that positronic robots had somehow been involved in creating Eternity. It became my task to tell the story of how positronic robots came into existence and how they used Time Travel to liberate we humans from our alien masters.

R. Gohrlay used Eternity as the means to find technological solutions to her problems. The ability to travel freely into the past, downwhen from the first invention of Time Travel and advanced nanites were two key technologies that were needed by R. Gohrlay. One other "item" that R. Gohrlay needed was very unusual type of advanced technology: the Asterothrope.

Reality Reviewing
R. Gohrlay originally intended to make use of the Asterothropes as a special successor species for we humans. The Asterothropes were to be the means by which Earthlings could spread rapidly through the galaxy. However, the Asterothropes had other beneficial features that provided a means to end the Time Travel War.

Time Travel and Telepathy
The ability to travel through space at faster-than-light speeds, telepathy and Time Travel were all made possible by the Huaoshy. When they altered the dimensional structure of the universe so as to make possible faster-than-light space travel, they unknowingly also made possible telepathy and Time Travel.

Ekcolir viewing Trysta Viewing a Reality.
In a freak occurrence, positronic robots were crafted by Neanderthals and those robots had telepathic powers. Using their telepathy, R. Gohrlay and her cadre of positronic robots liberated Earth from the Huaoshy. The positronic robots discovered that the same physical principle that gave them their telepathic powers makes Time Travel possible. Thus, telepathy and Time Travel are intimately linked.

In The End of Eternity, telepathy is only hinted at, however, Asimov did describe the "peculiar talent" that Andrew Harlan was seemingly born with: when challenged to find a M.N.C., he could unerringly do so. Finding the Minimal Necessary Change, the cleanest way to trigger a new Reality Change, was the job of Time Travel Technicians like Harlan. Asimov never explained the magical basis of this "peculiar talent".

In the Ekcolir Reality (image credits)
According to Gohrlay, the positronic robots of Eternity had developed an advanced technology for Viewing alternative Realities. They did not want to turn that technology over to humans and give humans the ability to craft new Realities. R. Gohrlay and her tribe of robots selected the Realities that they wanted and used their telepathic abilities to control the Eternals.

Asimov went out of his way to explain to us that the computers available in Eternity were useless for guiding the Eternals through Reality Changes. "Mechanical computation would not do. The largest Computaplex ever built, manned by the cleverest and most experienced Senior Computer ever born, could do no better than to indicate the ranges within which the M.N.C. might be found."

In the Ekcolir Reality (DWS)
According to Gohrlay, Technicians like Harlan were provided (by telepathy) with ready-made solutions (M.N.C.s) that had been generated by the Reality Viewing technology that was available to the positronic robots.

Observing Reality Chains
Eventually, the Huaoshy developed their own Time Travel technology. Most importantly, they achieved an important additional technological advance that evaded R. Gohrlay. The Reality Viewing technology of the positronic robots could only provide information from a possible Reality that was one Reality Change away. The Reality Viewing technology of the Huaoshy allowed for observation of Reality Chains. From within the Asimov Reality, Grean could see all the way through the Ekcolir Reality to the Buld Reality.

Zeptite endosymbionts
Ekcolir was designed to convince Trysta to collaborate with Grean and end the Time Travel War. According to Gohrlay, the Buld Reality satisfies R. Gohrlay's requirements for a Reality that provides humans with a chance to control their own future. Apparently the efforts of the tryp'At to restrict what Earthlings know about the secret history of Humanity are ea part of the Trysta-Grean Pact and those restrictions are designed to protect we Earthlings.

the Trysta-Grean Pact
According to Gohrlay, the type of telepathy that was used to control the Eternals no longer exists in the universe. The Huaoshy have changed the dimensional structure of the universe so as to make further Time Travel and telepathy impossible. However, the Huaoshy have always been the experts in using zeptites to control the behavior of Earthlings. None of us here on Earth can be certain that our actions are not forced upon us by our zeptite endosymbionts.

The discovery of Reality Chains.
Original cover art by Allen Anderson.
Gohrlay has described a series of science fiction films that were made in the Ekcolir Reality: the Eternity Trilogy.

The final film in that trilogy showed how the Huaoshy put an end to Time Travel and it also presented the life Gohrlay on Earth leading up to the arrival of the Fru'wu in the Solar System. In my next blog post, I'll share what Gohrlay has told me about the technology transfer that was allowed to occur from the Fru'wu to the Earthlings in the Ekcolir Reality. 

Reality Chain
According to Gohrlay, there was a chance discovery of the existence of Reality Chains in the Asimov Reality by the investigative team of Kirth Gersen and Drusilla.

A Brief History of Deep Time
First Reality. The key event in the First Reality was the invention of time travel technology. Time travel only became possible after the Huaoshy altered the Dimensional Structure of the universe. The same physics that accounts for the telepathic powers of positronic robots is involved in time travel, so it was no coincidence that time travel technology was first developed by R. Gohrlay's tribe of positronic robots. By exploiting their advantage in telepathy and time travel, the positronic robots of Earth won for Humanity a chance to reach the stars. Prior to the positronic robot revolution, the human species was destined for a quiet extinction. See: The First Reality.

Malansohn Reality. There were many Realities between the First Reality and the Malansohn Reality. The key distinction of the Malansohn Reality is that it was the last Reality that came into existence where only positronic robots had time travel technology. During the Malansohn Reality, the Huaoshy realized that time travel was possible and they initiated a research program that culminated in the development of their own time travel technology. That was the start of the Time Travel War. Ultimately, the Huaoshy technological advantage in sedron-based technologies led to a victory for them in the war. However, the Huaoshy realized that they needed to make one more change to the dimesnional structure of the universe in order to make further time travel impossible. R. Gohrlay realized that she needed to negotiate a pact with the Huaoshy under which she would gain as much for humans as was possible.

Foundation Reality. Events in the Foundation Reality were as described by Isaac Asimov in his science fiction stories about the Galactic Empire, the Foundation and positronic robots. Also, Asimov's story The End of Eternity provides us with an account of events in the Malansohn Reality and how the Foundation Reality was brought into existence. In the Foundation Reality, Asimov came into contact with one of R. Gohrlay's tribe of positronic robots. That led to Asimov being sent by Grean into the past on a time travel mission that was designed to put an end to the deployment of positronic robots on Earth. While working with Grean, Asimov became aware of the far future of the Foundation Reality. See: Foundations of Eternity.

Asimov Reality. When Asimov traveled in time, he helped bring into existence a new Reality: the Asimov Reality. In the 20th century of the Asimov Reality there were two "copies"of Asimov. The "older Asimov" mentored his younger self, establishing Asimov as a successful science fiction writer. During the Asimov Reality, the Trysta Truce was in effect, which allowed for the creation of both the tryp'At and the Ek'col. We have a good account of events in the far future of the Asimov Reality in the science fiction stories that Jack Vance wrote about the Gaean Reach.

Ekcolir Reality. The prototypical Ek'col was Ekcolir, who made possible an end to the Time War and the Trysta-Grean Pact. In the Ekcolir Reality, there was severe global warming and catastrophic sea level rise. During the 20th century of the Ekcolir Reality, the Writers Block controlled the development of the science fiction genre, using science fiction stories to prepare Earthlings for the arrival of the alien Fru'wu.

Buld Reality. The transition from the Ekcolir Reality to the Final Reality was not smooth and simple. I'm still debating with Yōd and Zeta the wisdom of categorizing the Buld Reality as a distinct Reality that came just before the Final Reality. Under such a categorization system, the Buld Reality included some overly-ambitious science fiction stories that told Earthlings too much about alien technologies. Those stories had to be"edited out" of the Final Reality. The change in dimensional structure that ended the Time War can be taken as defining the end of the Buld Reality.

Final Reality. We now find ourselves in the Final Reality. The Huaoshy made further time travel impossible, so there will never be another Reality Change.

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