Jun 19, 2015

Imagination Science

In the Ekcolir Reality
Gohrlay has been telling me about the deep history of science fiction television programs in the Ekcolir Reality. In my previous blog post I mentioned that in that Reality, science fiction television shows first appeared in 1915. Due to a strange twist in the pace and sequence of technological developments, digital television technology leap-frogged analog television and film in the Ekcolir Reality.

For example, in the 1950s of the Ekcolir Reality, the film Forbidden Planet was never made, but there was a corresponding television series called Fru'wu Planet.

Delta Files
I previously blogged about the late 1960's television program The Δ-Files that existed in the Ekcolir Reality. The Delta Files was part of a strong trend towards investigative science fiction in the Ekcolir Reality.

In the Ekcolir Reality; poster art by Frank. R. Paul
Also starting in the 1950s of the Ekcolir Reality was the long-running television program called Foundation of Reality. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, in the Ekcolir Reality, Star Trek began as a spinoff television series that was derived from Foundation of Reality.

Star Trek Seirius
One of the many Star Trek television series of the Ekcolir Reality was called Star Trek Seirius. Set in an alternate Reality in which time travelers helped the ancient Greeks develop science and advanced technology, Star Trek Seirius covered a similar story arc as did Star Trek: Enterprise in our Reality. Many aspects of the Time War were revealed to the people of Earth through the course of the 284 episodes of Enterprise.

Imagination Science Fiction
Original artwork by Willis Terry,
Harold McCauley and Richard Loehle.
In the Ekcolir Reality, the Imagination Science television show had a companion magazine that remained in print from 1915 to 1983. Imagination Science magazine was dedicated to fan fiction stories that had been inspired by the television show. Each issue had a theme such as the Preland issue shown to the right.

It is not clear that any science fiction author in the Ekcolir Reality had ever actually seen a Preland or any other alien. However, the concept of "giant Prelands" who were similar in size to humans and additional smaller elf-like Prelands permeated 20th century science fiction in the Ekcolir Reality. According to Gohrlay, much effort was put into using science fiction as a means of preparing Earthlings for first contact with the Fru'wu.
Next: how a copy of Gohrlay was created on Earth in the 20th century.
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