Jan 16, 2016


Equations "projected" by the Prime Radiant
"Isaac Asimov in his 1953 work, The Second Foundation, introduced millions of readers to the idea of the Prime Radiant – a virtual reality projector that enabled social scientists to actually walk around inside an incredibly complex equation describing the past and future of all human/galactic society. They could reach out and shift elements of the equations and see the impact on the whole, in real time. They reached back in time and actually shared the creative experiences of the other Second Foundationers who had preceded them. I have never met anyone over 35, involved in new technology environments, who is either unfamiliar with, or uninfluenced by, those five or six pages."  -Robert Schrag

"Prime Radiant" by farstar09
The Evolution of Story
Not long after I first read Isaac Asimov's description of the Prime Radiant, I had a dream in which I "saw" a book that I had written. For many years I imagined that in that vision of the future I was seeing something like a video book cover, much as we might today observe a video on a smartphone.

However, I always knew that my dream vision was more complicated than a depiction of just passively observing a video. In my dream, I could actively control the viewed scene though my actions, just as Second Foundationers could "scroll" through the many equations that were "projected" by the Prime Radiant.

Virtual Reality
Marta's Move
In late 2014 I realized that the Hierion Domain can provide a type of virtual reality environment that humans can "reach" or experience via the Bimanoid Interface.

In Part 2 of The League of Yrinna, Duissane has her first conscious experience of "being in" the Hierion Domain. Moving on into Part 3, I want Duissane and Glinnes to be able to access the part of the Hierion Domain that has been used by the Phari and their client species such as the Pheni of Yrinna.

In his short story ('Gold'), Isaac Asimov imagined how the events that he depicted in one of his science fiction novels might be transformed into another medium: the "compu-drama".

For The League of Yrinna, I imagine that the Pheni have a dual existence. Physically they reside in our universe of hadronic matter as biological organisms, but that is only a small part of their existence. They also have an extension of their cognitive existence that resides within the Hierion Domain.

In some sense, there is a virtual reality in the Hierion Domain that has evolved in parallel with the Pheni. The growth and evolution of that virtual reality has been facilitated by the Phari. While they are on Yrinna, the only real chance that Duissane and Glinnes have of achieving contact with the Phari is if they can "enter" into the virtual reality "world" of the Pheni.

The Phari have been trying to produce a human subspecies that can use the Bimanoid Interface. Duissane and Glinnes are just on the edge, close to having that ability. With assistance, they can be briefly "pushed into" the Hierion Domain. This is also the success that the pek have been waiting for, so Duissane and Glinnes are sent back into time where their presence can bring into existence the new Reality that the pek require.

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