Jan 24, 2016


My God, Mulder, its another
bat-shit crazy conspiracy-laced
script from Chris Carter!
In 12 hours I'll be watching the first episode of the 2016 X-Files miniseries and I'm reading reviews written by "reporters" who were already given the chance to watch either just the first episode or the entire first half of the series.

The most interesting part of this time travel trip back to 1990s might be reading the self-absorbed "reviews" by (now) adults who were just kids when The X-Files arrived in their homes. For some kids of that generation (particularly those who now, as adults, lead lives where they get paid to comment on pop culture) television shows such as The X-Files helped define their world, their view of reality.

Some members of that generation have elevated belief in conspiracy from what it was in the previous millennium (the obsessions of a crack-pot fringe group) to a default approach to zombie-like "living" where everything is automatically viewed as a lie. Some X-Files-indoctrinated members of that generation can't feel like they are alive unless they are terrorized and afraid. The "real world" for that lost generation is the virtual reality of the internet.

"When it debuted in 1993, I was a mere 11-years old and everything about it was cool and awesome!" -source

The X-Files: Redshifted
Generations W and Y
For folks of the baby boom generation, The X-Files was an amusing look back at silly memes of the mid-1900s: parapsychology, UFOlogy, bumbling Republican "plumbers" and goofy horror stories from older television such as the Twilight Zone. That nostalgic look into the past was made comfortable by the tour guides, the smirking David and the grinning Gillian.

And now there is another generation of youngsters who could only experience The X-Files after the fact, as a kind to retro-cultural relic from the previous millennium.

X-Files 2016
Open wide and say, "Alien DNA".
For the new millennium, it sounds like Chris Carter wisely brought "conspiracy theory" out of the dark basement of the FBI building and put it into the obsessed mind and marketing-savvy hands of talking head Tad O’Malley. I've previously speculated that O'Malley is probably playing a "journalistic" role that would be a dream career for Carter.

Alien DNA
X-Files: the next generation?
I love when biology makes its way into science fiction. I'm intrigued (okay, obsessed) by the idea of "hybrid alien-human" people running around on Earth in this age when genomes are sequenced for a few hundred dollars. If only Chris Carter had the balls to take on this possibility as something more than a running gag! We shall see... I'm not allowing myself to get my hopes that high.

"Aliens aren’t the problem, we are!"  -source

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