May 10, 2015

Hierion Domain

Future science: hierions and sedrons.
We Earthlings are proud of our "advanced" technology, but we still exist in the Hadronic Era. Beyond the hadrons, there are additional forms of matter in the universe that we have not yet discovered. About 2,000,000,000 years ago, the Huaoshy discovered two new families of fundamental particles known as the hierions and the sedrons. One account of their discovery of these new forms of matter is found in the Legend of Uvadekoto. Hierions allow for the existence of advanced artificial life forms that have femtobot components rather than cells.

the Fundamental particles known to Earthlings

The Hierion Domain
Shaded triangle: three spatial dimensions
of the Hadronic Domain.
Interventionist agents with femtobot components have long been visiting Earth. For example, the Grendels are shape-shifters who can take on any physical form. Sometimes Earthlings have seen Grendels and had interactions with them, but most of the time such aliens go unnoticed when they are present on Earth.

Even less well known to Earthlings than the Interventionists themselves is another consequence of hierion technology: the Hierion Domain. The dimensional structure of the universe is more complex than Earthly science now recognizes. In particular, the m-hierions can exist in dimensions that are beyond the conventional spatial dimensions that are known to creatures composed of hadrons.

I've been trying to learn about the Hierion Domain, but the tryp'At seem to have taken on the task of keeping we Earthlings ignorant of hierions and the entire secret history of Interventionist visitors to Earth.

But there seems to be some special "trick" that is allowing me to defy the Overseers and share the story of the Exode Trilogy with my fellow Earthlings. I've previously mentioned my sister and the "special connection" that she and I share. I suspect that there is a scientific explanation for the "telepathic" contact that I have had with my explanation that involves the Hierion Domain.

Is there an empathosphere?
Last year, Tara MacIsaac wrote an article called "Feeling Another’s Distress at a Distance: A Seemingly Psychic Connection". That article includes several anecdotal accounts of relatives who seemed to know when a distant family member was injured or killed. I can add my own similar anecdote: on the day when I broke my foot, my sister, more than 150 miles away, "knew" that something bad had happened to me.

There continue to be attempts to scientifically investigate telepathy and other "psi" phenomena (recent account). What if there were a scientific and mechanistic explanation for human telepathic communication?

Telepathy in Science Fiction
Gohrlay, the first telepathic robot.
Jack Vance, Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov all appear as characters in the Exode Trilogy. I've previously blogged about Jack Vance's mentions of a "paracosmos" in many of his science fiction stories. Similarly, Sagan wrote about a connection to his dead parents and in the Exode Trilogy I provide a mechanistic account of how he was able to use his particularly strong telepathic abilities to contact his parents after their death. In the case of Asimov and his "mentalics", it might be that his interest in telepathy arose from his special knowledge of telepathic robots. Vance seems to have been targeted for transfer from the Ekcolir Reality to the Buld Reality (the universe as we know it) and he might have been granted special access to the Hierion Domain.

Book 2 of the Exode Trilogy
Discussion of telepathy in the context of the Exode Trilogy is complicated by the fact that there are two different "telepathic eras" in the history of Earth. At some point in the late 20th century, the Huaoshy altered the dimensional structure of the universe and made "real telepathy" impossible. The physical basis of real human telepathy involved a subcellular organelle known as the telastid.

Here in this millennium, all remaining "telepathy" is actually technology-assisted telepathy. We humans all have a have zeptoscale endosymbiont that allows us (potentially) to have contact with the Hierion Domain. For lack of a better term, this communications channel is called the "bimanoid interface". Without help and assistance, most Earthlings have a limited capacity to use the bimanoid interface.

Book 1 of the Exode Trilogy
Apparently, the bimanoid interface was originally created in order to allow the Kac'hin to have contact with the Huaoshy, a sedronic life form that exists entirely within the Sedronic Domain. However, when R. Gohrlay began experimenting with time travel, "she" discovered that it is possible to "anchor people in Time" and have the same people appear in sequential Realities. The "trick" behind this was to "amplify" each Earthling, creating within the Hierion Domain many "copies" of each individual. This created enough temporal momentum to ensure that a new Reality will include copies of almost all the people who existed in a previous reality.

Taking advantage of Gohrlay's system for creating replicoids in the Hierion Domain, the Grendels began to station some of their Interventionist agents inside the Hierion Domain. Further, the Grendels worked hard to make sure that at least a few Earthlings would have brain structures that allow them to use the bimanoid interface to contact replicoids within the Hierion Domain.

Book 3 of the Exode Trilogy
With the help of Ivory and her clone sisters and other members of the Dead Widowers, I have learned that my brain is able to provide me with access to the Hierion Domain. I'm still engaged with a struggle to control my replicoid, but my experiences "in" the Hierion Domain suggest to me that many "telepathic" experiences can be accounted for by the ability of our zeptoscale endosymbionts to connect us to information resources that are located in the Hierion Domain. For some Earthlings, "our" thoughts are not completely contained within the physical structure of our brains: we also have access to an accessory "thought space" within the Hierion Domain".

Portals to the Hierion Domain
In the events described in Exode that take place in this century, there is no more time travel and no more true telepathy. However, technology-assisted "pseudotelepathy" is still possible by way of our contacts to the hierion domain.

The aliens who have mastered hierion-base technology can move between our conventional 3D universe of hadronic matter and the Hierion Domain. The space-time bubble of Eternity was "located" within the Hierion Domain as is Observer Base.

For we Earthlings, the Hierion Domain remains a mystery, just beyond our grasp. We are like fish, aware of the shore, but unable to venture out on the land.

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