Sep 15, 2015

I Want To Re-imagine

In the Ekcolir Reality
Scully and Mulder star in   UFO  2015
There will be new X-Files episodes in 2016, so is it time to refresh our memories of the 1990s? I've previously described The X-Files as a being a non-invasion science fiction story in which the aliens should win an award for their incompetence. I'm reminded of another example of ineffective Hollywood aliens, from before The X-Files, so let's go even further back in Time...even into Deep Time.

(alternate)Reality TV
When I was a kid, the British TV show UFO brought an endlessly incompetent alien invasion to television. In typical Hollywood alien antagonist fashion, through each and every week of the television season, the invading aliens sent just enough spaceships to Earth to keep SHADO in business.

All new episodes of UFO 2015 !
I recently blogged about my fantasies for an X-Files reboot. Gohrlay informed me that in the Ekcolir Reality, when it came time to reboot The Δ-Files, it was re-imagined as a spin-off of the long-running UFO.

I have a low tolerance for horror, so much of the original X-Files does not appeal to me because of its mindless violence. However, I have a long history of re-imagining The X-Files as the type of science fiction that I enjoy.

Previously, I discussed ten episodes of Star Trek that would be easy to fit into the Exodemic Fictional Universe. Here, I want to take a similar approach to re-imagining The X-Files.

Rather than select and comment on old episodes of The X-Files, I'm going to invent some new episodes of an X-Files spin-off television series as they should have existed in a previous Reality.

So, if you like, go ahead and picture Scully with purple hair and Mulder as a blond and off we go into Deep Time to experience some episodes of   UFO  2015   !

The Asimov Reality
In the Asimov Reality, Nikola Tesla was used by R. Gohrlay and her team of positronic robots as a means to introduce advanced knowledge of physics into the population of Earth.

R. Gohrlaay's efforts, what became known as the "Tesla Intervention", led to a catastrophic nuclear war. Eventually, the replicoid of Nikola Tesla was taken across the temporal divide into the Ekcolir Reality.

The Ekcolir Reality
Tesla was Time's "Man of the Future" in 2285
(Etruscan calendar; Ekcolir Reality)
In the Ekcolir Reality, operating from R. Gohrlay's secret base of operations within the Hierion Domain, Tesla's replicoid passed knowledge of advanced hierion-based technology to several Earthlings. Could alternative sources of energy be found that would put an end to Earth's voracious fossil fuel use and slow the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels? Working towards that goal and playing an important role in UFO  2015 was Luri Tamari, CEO of Space Energy Missions.

The main objective of the "Tesla Intervention" was to prepare Earth for First Contact with the Fru'wu. Tesla's replicoid provided Luri with advanced nanotechnology in an attempt to help the primitive Earthlings to not be intimidated by the alien Fru'wu.

The back-story of   UFO  2015  was shaped by the on-going Time Travel War. R. Gohrlay was trying to create a Reality in which Earth would avoid technological disasters and the human species would have a long future of spreading through outer space and colonizing distant Earth-like planets.

During this time, Grean was trying to prepare for the Final Reality. It was convenient for her to allow the Tesla Intervention to proceed, with an occasional adjustment or tweak.

Tesla's replicoid had worked through the entire 20th century to develop a secret cadre of scientists who were to be positioned on Earth and ready to collaborate with the alien Fru'wu to solve Earth's global warming crisis. In UFO  2015, Dr. Diocio Flower and Dr. Verzor Kemnerun are the lead scientists for development of the Space Energy Missions hierion antennae array.

Episode 1: Fru'wu First Contact
Space Energy Missions - Long Valley Plant #3.
The first episode of UFO  2015  told the story of the arrival of a Fru'wu spaceship on Earth. In the teaser, radar operators at a military base track an asteroid as it penetrates Earth's atmosphere and causes a dramatic impact event in Death Valley.

Scene 1. We see that the asteroid was used as "cover" for the arrival of the Fru'wu spaceship on Earth. Just before impact of the asteroid, the spaceship pulls away and lands at the Space Energy Missions geothermal energy plant located in the Long Valley Caldera.

3, 6, 9
The Fru'wu spaceship parks inside a large dome at the airfield of Long Valley Geothermal Plant #3. The aliens meet Luri and the executive team for Space Energy Missions, who they have long been in contact with. When with anyone but Luri, the Fru'wu have the appearance of normal humans and they pass themselves off as a team of Chinese engineers.

Diagram showing the 9
spatial dimensions.
Meeting privately with Luri, the Fru'wu transform into their alien form and provide a quick introduction to advanced particle physics, explaining the existence of fundamental particles that can move through additional spatial dimensions beyond the three that are available to hadrons.

Luri is already familiar with the existence of hierions because of her contact with Tesla's replicoid. However, she is surprised to hear about sedrons as an additional family of particles. The Fru'wu explain that sedrons are required for their ability to travel through space at faster-than-light speeds. Hierions have 6 spatial dimensions available to them while sedrons are able to move through 9 dimensions.

Scene 2. Scully and Mulder are driving through Owens Valley in California, tracking rumors of UFO sightings. Scully argues that a fragment of the asteroid broke off the main body and shot over the Owens Valley, resulting in UFO reports. They talk to an eyewitness who seems reliable. Mulder lectures Scully about how the descriptions of the UFO provided by the eyewitnesses suggest a dark object that blotted out the stars, not a bright asteroid fragment.

Scully and Mulder visit a 911 call center where they are given access to recorded phone calls about UFO sightings. Scully grows tired of the monotonously repetitious phone calls and goes to spend the night in a hotel. She stays up late reading a science fiction novel.

Mulder stays at the call center all night, listening to recorded phone calls from people describing the UFO. In the morning, Mulder leaves his number with the 911 operator and asks her to let him know if there are any additional calls about UFOs.

"Sam Jacky" is the writing team of
Samantha Mulder and Jackie Vance.
Scene 3. Luri establishes contact with Tesla's replicoid using the Bimanoid Interface. He instructs Luri on the importance of obtaining as much information as possible from the Fru'wu and he tells Luri to set up a surveillance team to receive a data feed from inside the Fru'wu spaceship. Tesla's replicoid tells Luri that her nanite probes will be able to slip into the Fu'wu spaceship and transmit data to Luri.

Tesla's replicoid also warns Luri that Mulder will soon arrive. Luri is familiar with Samantha and Fox Mulder because they are (like her) part of the Ekcolir Lineage and able to use the Bimanoid Interface. However, Samantha is being used by Grean as part of her effort to develop the science fiction genre.

Scene 4. To distract the Fru'wu and get them all out of their spaceship, Luri invites the Fru'wu to a reception held at her home. Meanwhile, one of Luri's top executives (Plant Director Bess Kane) has assembled a team of Space Energy Missions technical staff members and they begin to receive video and audio from inside the Fru'wu spaceship.

The Fru'wu spaceship disguised as an airplane.
Following their instructions, the Space Energy Missions techs establish and test a communications system that will both automatically record the data and relay the video images to Luri's house, and then they leave the equipment running unattended. They don't understand where the signal that they are receiving originates from (from the outside, the Fru'wu spaceship looks like a commercial VTOL aircraft). Later, having left a piece of equipment behind, one of the tech staff (Jeff Thorn) returns to the reception/recording room and is amazed by what he now sees inside the Fru'wu spaceship: an alien who seems to be performing some kind of bizarre experiments on two human test subjects. The episode ends with Mulder receiving a frantic phone call from a man who is shouting hysterically about an alien.

Episode 2: Alien Abduction
UFO: The Movie
I wonder if the X-Files writers watched UFO"
In the teaser, Luri watches the video feed and sees the alien Fru'wu who stayed behind in the spaceship while all the others went to the reception at Luri's mansion. The Space Energy Missions technician who also saw the Fru'wu calls 911. The local 911 operator, tired of fielding crank calls about UFOs, connects the caller to Mulder.

Scene 1. Scully and Mulder are again driving their rental car. Today, Scully is driving and Mulder tells her to slow down. She says that she wants to get their work done so that they can fly back to Washington on a red eye out of Las Vegas. Scully is pulled over after speeding through a radar speed tap. She sweet talks the police out of giving her a speeding ticket.

They arrive at Long Valley Geothermal Plant #3. where Mulder conducts a frustrating interview with the Space Energy Missions employee (Thorn) who spoke to him on the phone. Luri and Bess have concocted a story about having a costume party at Luri's house with one of the "Chinese" visitors coming dressed as a space alien. Thorn can't seem to remember calling Mulder.

While Mulder interviews Thorn, Scully prowls around the Plant's airfield and gets a glimpse of the VTOL airplane in the domed hanger.

Fru'wu disguised as a human disguised as an alien.
Scully and Mulder ask to meet the visitors from China. The Fru'wu (now using human form) all pretend that they can't speak English very well and one of them puts on an ET costume and waves a toy "ray gun".

After meeting with the "Chinese", Mulder and Scully again separate. Scully can sense that Bess wants to say more than she is being allowed to say and tells her, "Call me if you think of anything else."

Mulder is rather dazzled and smitten by Luri. He tags along after her, when she wishes that she could get rid of him and go into the video room to check on the data feed from inside the Fru'wu spaceship. Standing in the hallway near the secret room, Mulder asks her why the company is called "Space Energy Missions" if they are in the geothermal energy business. Luri explains that the company is involved in developing technologies related to exploiting many alternative energy sources, but their ultimate goal is to obtain energy for Earth from orbital solar energy collectors.

An enigmatic poster seen by Mulder at Long Valley Geothermal Plant #3.
Scully finds Mulder and tells him that it is late and they should call it a day. Mulder tells Luri that they'll have to continue talking the next day. Luri makes a sarcastic comment about how the FBI should have better things to do.

On the way out of the Plant, Scully nags Mulder for dogging Luri's footsteps and following her around.

Mulder: (he hands Scully his smart phone) Luri Tamari: director of Space Energy Missions. Age 62.

Scully: (looks at the phone's display) So she has a great plastic surgeon.

Mulder: I think she warrants further investigation.

Scully: (sarcastically) She's in great shape at age 62, so she must be a space alien?

Mulder: There is nothing known about her family. She just appears out of nowhere and earns a Ph.D. in engineering from Georgia Tech then sets up the world's first alternative energy company. Fastest zero-to-billion dollar corporation in history.

As they get back in their rental car, Scully mutters something under her breath about Mulder's attraction to fast women.

Scene 2. Scully and Mulder are at the end of another long day, having dinner and still arguing about whether it is worth spending any more time investigated the UFO reports. Scully describes the odd-looking airplane that she saw in the hanger. Mulder reflects on Thorn's odd loss of memory. Scully takes a call from Bess who asks to meet with them. In the lobby of the hotel, Bess arrives with Thorn.

Prompted by Bess, Thorn gives a confusing account the physical appearance of the alien Fru'wu, but he sounds like he is describing something that he saw in a television show. Mulder and Scully, both dismayed by the incoherent Thorn, try to say goodnight to Bess. She asks them if they are going to do anything about the alien spaceship. Mulder asks her where the spaceship is, but Bess does not know. See tells Mulder and Scully about the secret room at the Plant with the mysterious video feed. Mulder assures Bess that they will investigate further.

After Bess and Thorn depart, Scully asks Mulder why he is paying any attention to Thorn and Bess. He says that he's puzzled by their odd behavior and that of the "Chinese". He calls Luri and arranges to meet her in the morning so that he can get back into the Plant (he wants to investigate the secret room). Just before ending the call, he asks her about Jeff Thorn's work history.

Luri asks Mulder, "Why do you ask?"

Mulder explains, "He claims that he saw an alien last night; I'm wondering if he has a history of odd behavior."

Luri laughs, "When we built the Plant back in the eighties, the locals thought we were constructing a secret rocket launch site for the Strategic Defense Initiative. Thorn was one of the locals who tried to block our geothermal operation. Eventually, after the Plant opened, he came to us for employment."

Mulder: "I'd like to review his employment records tomorrow. Do you do psychological screening?"

Luri: "I'm afraid I can't disclose health records of our employees."

Mulder: "Okay, I'll ask him directly."

Luri: "I don't want you badgering our workers and creating a scene. The Chinese are trying to buy into Space Energy Missions. I don't want you scaring them off and ruining the deal."

Scully goes to bed, but Mulder gets back in their rental car and drives around the area. He finds Thorn's house, but nobody is home. He breaks in and finds nothing except evidence that Thorn's family packed quickly and departed.

Scene 3. Mulder sees bright lights, just across the boarder in Nevada. He stops in at the run-down gambling house/bordello and talks to some of the locals about UFOs. One woman tells him that she thinks an odd-sounding military plane flew over the valley on the night of the asteroid impact, headed in the direction of the Space Energy Missions geothermal power station.

Mulder checks an app (it says MUFONET at the top) on his phone that maps the locations for all of the recent UFO sightings. They roughly form a line between Death Valley and Long Valley Geothermal Plant #3. Mulder gets back to the hotel just as Scully is going out to get breakfast. Mulder, looking bedraggled, says he'll crash in his room until she's ready to hit the road. Scully asks what he was doing all night and he just mutters about following leads. He asks her to put the police to the task of searching for Thorn's family. Scully teases him and asks if they were abducted by aliens.

Episode 3: Radar Dark
In the teaser, Mulder is trying to sleep while Scully drives. As they again approach the radar speed trap, Mulder tells Scully to slow down and stop. While Scully waits in the car, puzzled, Mulder talks to the police. A police officer opens up the trunk of the police car and hands an object to Mulder.  Mulder comes back to the car with a radar gun.

Scully: What are you going to do with that?

Mulder: We have to stop here on the way back so I can return this to the police.

Scully: That will take us out of the way for getting to Las Vegas. Why do you need a radar gun?

Mulder: I find them useful when dealing with fast women.

Scene 1. Scully and Mulder arrive at the geothermal energy plant. Mulder tells Scully to hurry to their appointment and ask Luri for details about the impending financial deal with the Chinese.

Mulder goes to the airfield, trying to hide the radar gun inside his jacket. He sneaks into the hanger and points the radar gun at the VTOL airplane.

Meanwhile, Scully meets with Luri. At first Luri evades all questions about the Chinese. Then Luri asks Scully to sign an intellectual property non-disclosure agreement. After handing the signed agreement form to a lawyer, Luri takes Scully to the secret room.

Luri activates a videophone conference call. A Chinese woman and Samantha Mulder appear on the video screen. Luri introduces the Chinese woman as the director of a film that is in production called Space Power. Luri and Samantha explain to Scully that the visitors from China are part of a secret project to produce a science fiction film about orbital solar energy collectors. Luri says that Space Energy Missions is planning to go public and start selling stock. To create interest among investors, the film will depict a future world in which solar energy collected in space and sent to Earth solves the greenhouse gas problem.

Scully is surprised to find that Fox's sister is involved with Space Energy Missions. Samantha says that she has long published science fiction under the pseudonym "Sam Jacky".

Scully: Why do you keep your life hidden from Fox? He obsesses over your disappearance."

Samantha: I contacted Fox many years ago. He had some kind of genetic testing done and he concluded that I'm not really his sister.

Just then, Luri takes a call on her phone. After the short call, she says goodbye to Samantha and cuts off the video conference call. Luri and Scully go to the main lobby where Fox is with two Space Energy Missions security guards who report to Luri that they found Mulder sneaking around the airport's hanger. They hand Luri the radar gun.

Luri says that if the FBI has further questions then they need to get a search warrant. She turns to go, but Mulder asks for the gun. Luri tosses it to him and orders the Plant security officers to escort the FBI agents out.

Mulder asks Luri, "What's the Mercury Project?"

She replies, "If the FBI has further questions, please contact our marketing and legal departments." She turns and walks away.

Mulder and Scully are escorted back to their rental car and then they drive away from the Plant.

Scene 2. Scully and Mulder are in a roadside diner with the local policeman who let Mulder use the radar gun. Mulder explains that the "Chinese" VTOL aircraft does not reflect radar. He suggests that the police get a search warrant and investigate the strange vehicle.

Scully: Mulder, are you saying that we should go before a judge and say that there is an alien spaceship in that hanger?

Mulder: Its either that, or secret Chinese stealth technology.

The police officer expresses skepticism. Scully changes the topic to Samantha (Sam Jacky). Fox insists that she forget about her.

Mulder: That's not my sister. She some crank who came to me years ago wanting to make a movie about UFOs. I think she ghost wrote that ridiculous Delta Files Trilogy that you have been reading.

Scully: It can't be a coincidence that she turns up now at Space Energy Missions.

Mulder: Did you see her? At the Plant?

Scully: No. It was a video conference call. I think she's in China working on Space Power.

Mulder and Scully continue to argue. The police officer eats his lunch, pays his bill and departs.

Scully: Let's go Mulder. We can catch the last flight from Las Vegas to Washington.

Scene 3. Inside the Fru'wu spaceship, the two humans (seen previously) are shown as the subjects of a strange ritual. The humans are laid out on a platform and the Fru'wu place two large, glowing crystals next to their heads. Some glowing clouds move from the crystals into the heads of the two humans. The ritual concludes and the two humans walk out of the spaceship, speaking in the Fru'wu language to each other.

Luri again contacts Tesla's replicoid. She says that Drs. Flower and Kemnerun have successfully taken on their Fru'wu endosymbionts and are now ready to start crafting the Hierion Receiver. Luri expresses distrust of Flower and Kemnerun now that they carry Fru'wu endosymbionts inside their bodies.

Tesla's replicoid says that they have no choice and must trust Flower and Kemnerun, although he suggests that they could transfer one of the Fru'wu endosymbionts into Luri "so she can verify its mission objectives". The replicoid says that their larger problem is that Mulder has interested the local police in the "Chinese" aircraft.

Luri says that the "Chinese" are scheduled to depart from Earth that night.

Late in the afternoon, the police arrive with a search warrant and say they are authorized to search the Plant for illegally imported foreign technology. They go right to the hanger and ask to search inside the VTOL aircraft. Luri arrives and says that the Chinese are in Las Vegas for the day, as tourists and that the police should come back the next day.

The police order the airport crew to open the hatch of the VTOL craft. A technician opens the hatch and the police go inside. Luri orders the airport staff to go back to their work and they all leave the hanger. Luri enters the Fru'wu spaceship and the hatch closes behind her.

Inside the Fru'wu spaceship, the Fru'wu "zap" the police and put them on the platform with the crystals. After adjusting their equipment and after some jerking reactions of the police officers' bodies, some glowing clouds come out of their heads and into the crystals. The police get up off the platform and walking in a daze away from the platform to where Luri stands watching.

The scene cuts to Mulder and Scully on an airplane flying out of Las Vegas. Scully is reading a science fiction novel by Sam Jacky and Mulder is using his smart phone to track a new batch of UFO sightings that are coming in from near the geothermal energy plant.

The scene returns to the Fru'wu spaceship which lands in the middle of a desert area. The two police officer, acting dazed and disoriented, are led out of the spaceship by Luri. Then the Fru'wu spaceship takes off, first using its propellers while still in the form of the VTOL aircraft then transforming into the shape of the Fru'wu sleek spaceship (seen in episode 1) and then silently continuing to rise higher into the night sky. Luri leads the police through the desert to a nearby SUV.

They get into the SUV and Luri drives off into the night, soon reaching a highway. She starts narrating a "cover story" about what the search of the VTOL aircraft revealed (nothing note-worthy), while the two police officers listen attentively.
Next: the Twin Paradox.

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