Mar 26, 2016

Shared Reality

In the Ekcolir Reality - Star Trek: Galactic Core
Special thanks to Miranda Hedman
for the DeviantArt stock photograph "Black Cat 9 - stock"
that I used to create the blue "sedronite"
who is in this image.
I've been relentlessly badgering Gohrlay in an attempt to make her tell the story of her first life. Building on hints and fragments of her story, I'm coming to appreciate the cultural horror that she experienced from the fringe of Observer Base society.

Apparently when the Grendels began forcing the bodies of the Observers to take on the Preland form, they intended that the residents of Observer Base retain full conscious control of the extent to which they made use of technology-assisted telepathy.

Star Trek: Seirius - one of the many
Star Trek television series of the Ekcolir Reality
However, Gohrlay suspects that the pek relentlessly used the zeptite endosymbionts inside Observers to force them to form a group mind in the same way that actual Prelands do. The Grendels were helpless to prevent this meddling by the pek and had to make the best of the situation.

According to Gohrlay, the story of her perilous escape from the group mind that dominated Observer Base was told by Ivory Fersoni's partial analogue in the Ekcolir Reality. A version of that story became an episode of one of the Star Trek television shows that existed in the Ekcolir Reality. In that episode, alien Interventionists made sure that Spock had some telepathic abilities, but he was not able to fully link into the planet-wide telepathy field of Vulcan. This led to his rejection by his betrothed.

Preland thoracic pouch
A version of that Star Trek episode was pulled out of Deep Time by Angela and was included in the infites that Yrovi gave to me. The "parallel" story from Gohrlay's first life involved her attempt to merge into one of the clans at Observer Base. Gohrlay was trying to investigate the odd persistence of humans on Earth. To further that investigation, she joined the clan that was led by the Chief Observer. However, unable to share the constructed social reality of the group mind of her clan members, Gohrlay was disgusted by the sexual practices of her clan which centered on efforts to breed the next "level" of Preland. Gohrlay rejected those efforts as religiously-inspired nonsense.

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