Mar 13, 2016

Partial Analogues

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Gohrlay has been telling me about the analogue of Ivory Fersoni in the Ekcolir Reality. I'm still struggling to conceptualize how Ivory could have existed before the Final Reality since the assembly of the genetic basis for her (in particular, the creation of the Ek'col) is what allowed our Reality to be brought into existence.

According to Gohrlay, I need to appreciate the fact that there can be "partial analogues" of people in previous Realities. In particular, in the Ekcolir Reality there was a woman named Ivory Fersoni who was the daughter of an Earthman named Adão Fersoni.

In the Ekcolir Reality, Ivory's mother did not have the name 'Marta', but apparently there was a woman who was a partial genetic analogue of Marta and so her daughter, the Ivory of that Reality, even had some of the physical features of the Ivory who I met here in our universe.

the origins of Ivory
In the Ekcolir Reality, the Ivory Fersoni partial analogue wrote science fiction. In that Reality, much of the story of how Prelands and the Buld were crafted was told by authors such as Ivory.

Just as startling as the revelation that there was an Ivory analogue in the Ekcolir Reality is the idea that Prelands existed on Earth all the way back in the First Reality. I'd made the incorrect assumption that Prelands were a relatively recent arrival on Earth. The original Prelands in Deep Time were somewhat different than the species that exists in our Reality.

In particular, the pek of the First Reality did not have access to Asterothrope gene combinations. However, the basic physiology and lifestyle of First Reality Prelands was the same as later versions of the species, including their dependence on nanites for survival. The Preland respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems are all artificially engineered.

Most startling for we humans is the fact that Prelands are hermaphroditic. For Gohrlay, who was raised as a Preland in the First Reality, the most distressing feature of Preland life was the fact that juvenile Prelands of Observer Base were traditionally not raised by adult Prelands. Normally, it was the robot-like orbho who cared for the maturing juveniles.

Gohrlay spent a great deal of time with juvenile Prelands at Observer Base. Since her brain was not colonized by the nanites that would normally provide Prelands with technology-assisted telepathy, Gohrlay learned to use fluent spoken language and she even learned how to sing. Her singing was very popular among the juvenile Prelands, but the orbho constantly chastised Gohrlay for over-stimulating the juveniles with her singing.

Dream Time
The more I learn about Gohrlay's first life, the more I seem to be re-activating old memories about the First Reality. It is possible that these memories originated from the nanites that were provided to me by Ivory. Gohrlay is much more willing to talk to me about her past when I allow myself to believe "her version" of the odd micro-culture that existed at Observe Base. Still, I must struggle to ignore by previous conceptualization of the Observers.

in the Hierion Domain
Another possibility that I am reluctant to ignore is that I might now be accessing information about the First Reality by way of the Hierion Domain. I've been assuming that my replicoid is actively blocking my access to the Hierion Domain, but it is possible that I am being "fed" specific facts that are useful for the tryp'At to allow me to know. Of course, my fear is that I am being "brain washed", not simply obtaining new information about Deep Time.

According to Gohrlay, there may have been a partial analog of me all the way back in the First Reality. It seems certain that a true analogue with my exact genetic composition did not exist until the Ekcolir Reality.

Gohrlay believes that she was not the first resident at Observer Base who was cut off from participation in the clans. For some reason, she's reluctant to tell me any details about one such Observer who she knew in her first life. I can sense that this one particular mysterious Observer had a major impact on Gohrlay in her first life. My detective work continues.

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