Mar 26, 2016

X Bubble

One month ago I indulged in some conspiratorial thoughts about how FOX TV could move ahead with a science fiction-heavy follow-up to the 2016 X-Files mini-season. At that time, I suggested how two of my favorite science fiction plot devices, clones and nanotechnology, could be utilized in a new set of X-Files episodes.

The End of Eternity
What about a parallel universe? My favorite type of "parallel universe" is the type of otherworldly space-time bubble that Isaac Asimov utilized in his time travel novel, The End of Eternity. In that story, Eternity was a kind of "bubble universe" that existed in parallel to the world as we know it.

Inside Eternity, the Eternals were protected from the effects of time travel. An Eternal, like Andrew Harlan, could be born on Earth, taken into Eternity, and serve as a Time Technician who altered the ourse of history on Earth. However, Harlan was safe from any changes that might occur in Time. Even if a Reality Change took place in his homewhen that eliminated his grandparents from existence, Harlan would live on in Eternity.

More than ten years ago, when I started writing X-Files fanfiction, I imagined Mulder and Scully being taken to the Moon. For many years, I imagined the existence of a secret base on the Moon. Located under the surface, such a Moon Base might avoid detection by we Earthlings.

in the Hierion Domain
More recently, I started placing such secret bases inside a parallel universe, in what I call the Hierion Domain.

The Hierion Domain has been near the front of my thoughts lately because of a stray comment from Gohrlay. She mentioned that back in the First Reality, the scientists at Observer Base were able to discover that they existed within the Hierion Domain. According to Gohrlay, those scientists developed a good theoretical understanding of hierions. However, by the time of Gohrlay's first life, the study of hierion physics had been abandoned and there were no longer any active physicists at Observer Base.

Hierion Tubes
In the X-Files fictional universe of Chris Carter, actual aliens seemed to have been written out of the plot in 2016. However, it is fun to imagine that aliens long ago reached Earth and left behind some of their advanced technology. It is easy for  me to imagine that alien visitors to Earth would have had a sophisticated understanding of the Hierion Domain. It would be fun to have Mulder and Scully investigate the Hierion Domain. I still like the idea that visitors to the Hierion Domain such as Mulder and Scully might be tricked into believing that they we at a hidden base on the Moon when, in fact, they were being held captive in the Hierion Domain.

Next: investigating the effects of Preland-style telepathy

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