Jul 8, 2017

Ta Ta

I've never been a good traveler. However, my mother and sister have often visited England, claiming that they were investigating ancestral links: distant relatives who lived in England before anyone in the family moved to the New World. Now Zeta informs me that there is another type of link between my family and England.

For perhaps millions of years the Grendels guided the evolution of protohumans and humans on Earth. Now, the tryp'At seem to be functioning as Earth Overseers and they may be trying to enforce a rule against tryp'At residing on Earth. This becomes pertinent if I am tryp'At.

I was not present when my mother died, but according to my sister, her last words were, "Ta Ta, for now." Growing up, I heard my mother use a thousand little quaint sayings, many of which I never heard anyone else deploy in their speech. In the case of "ta ta", that was also used by the mother of my best childhood friend. I recently mentioned this to Zeta.

Aunt Mayness (1974)
Zeta told me, "Well, Aunt Mayness and her sister were both tryp'At. They grew up in a society where individuals were designed to move their consciousness between bodies in much the same way that humans might change clothes. They used 'ta ta' to mean something like: 'keep up the good work until we return to our own bodies'."

"Wait a minute. I thought Aunt Mayness was Trysta Iwedon, in disguise."

Trysta: Foundations
Zeta shrugged, "You mean that you assumed Trysta made use of nanites to alter her appearance and take on the physical form of Aunt Mayness."

I asked, "How else would she disguise herself as another woman?"

Zeta shrugged, "I'm not sure I should say. This is the sort of stuff that that got Ivory kicked off of Earth."

Yōd looked up from her tablet computer and said, "And besides, the truth might blow his mind."

The Ivory Infites
Zeta replied to Yōd, "He's had the knowledge of replicoid capabilities for years. This is nothing new."

Yōd gave her head a violent little shake, "He's been cognitively closed to the possibility of mind transfer."

I complained, "I wish you two would stop trying to protect me. I'd prefer to know the truth."

Zeta snickered, "No, you don't."

Yōd added, "You've repeatedly been told this truth and each time you've requested that the facts be scrubbed from your mind. There's no point in going through all that again."

After a moment of reflection I suggested, "Let's try the fiction gambit."

Trysta and Grean
Zeta laughed, "Ya, right. We're talking about a genie that won't go back in the bottle."

Yōd asked, "Fiction gambit?"

Zeta explained, "If the thinks the truth is fiction, then he can remain on Earth while knowing a hidden truth."

Yōd muttered, "Risky. How can the tryp'At Overseers know if he believes a truth? In the past, they've always kept this particular truth hidden from Earthlings."

I suggested, "By the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact, Earthling can know the truth as long as the truth is disguised as fiction."

Yōd objected, "None of us have seen the text of the Pact. There may be some truths that will never be made known to Earthlings."

Zeta wondered, "Maybe he has been pushed and guided to reach a cognitive state where the truth about the tryp'At can be viewed and understood as fiction. This truth may be so fantastic that he can't believe it to be true."

Yōd was skeptical, "That wasn't the case when Ivory told him the truth and it wasn't the case last year when you told him."

Zeta jumped to her feet and began to pace. "Okay...hypothetically... what if the tryp'At were designed to provide a way around the restrictions of the Trysta-Grean Pact, as a way to allow for a group of Earth Overseers to continue working after the end of time travel and after all non-humans had been removed from Earth."

700 Investigations
I nodded. "And if I am tryp'At, I must be biologically indistinguishable from an Earth human."

Yōd sighed loudly and interjected, "This isn't about your genes."

Zeta placed her hand over Yōd's mouth, "Shut up." She looked at me and continued, "What do you think would be involved when moving a tryp'At agent to Earth?"

"I've been imagining that tryp'At can be created on Earth from two complementary human genomes, using specialized gene-sculpting nanites. That's the only way I can imagine that a tryp'At would be allowed to remain on Earth."

Zeta wanted to be quite sure that she understood my idea. "If such a tryp'At were genetically constructed from human genetic material?"


Yōd asked, "What if there were thousands of such genetic constructs on Earth? Would they all be tryp'At?"

Suddenly I realized just what Yōd and Zeta were trying to tell me. I shrugged. "Don't tell me that such genetically specialized humans are only receptacles... competent to become tryp'At..."

Yōd pranced out of the room and Zeta went back to her work. All she said was, "Ok."

I found myself unable to speak further about the idea of humans like myself and my mother being receptacles for the tryp'At minds that need to function on Earth. Maybe this fit in with what I've recently learned about Mars. I wondered: Is there a colony of tryp'At on Mars? Did my mother return to Mars and leave behind nothing but a receptacle body here on Earth?

I believe that my recent discussions with Yōd and Zeta concerning the tryp'At have triggered old memories that were given to me by Ivory. Ivory tried to warn me that in the Ekcolir Reality, the tryp'At first operated primarily out of a secret base in England. Unfortunately, those old memories seem to have been scrambled. Now more than ever, I fear that my family and I have been engineered to be "puppets" of the tryp'At and we have been forced to play our specified roles here on the stage of Earth.

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