Jan 5, 2017

Overseers of Earth

Final Reality. Sachiz
In the First Reality, the bumpha helped the Nereids establish a base of operations "near" Earth. That base was not called "Observer Base", but eventually that is the name that came to be associated with it. Soon the pek noticed that alterations were being made to select primate lineages on Earth. In order to monitor the activity of the Nereid Interventionists, orboh Overseers were assigned the task of watching over the Nereids.

After several million years, Observer Base had come to have a large population of human residents and a small population of Overseers. The Nereid Interventionists had gradually withdrawn from the environs of Earth. In their place, various Grendel, Preland and human Interventionists had continued to secretly operate on Earth and within Observer Base, although by the time of Gohrlay it was very rare for there to be any direct interactions between Interventionists and Overseers.

tryp'At Overseers
In the Final Reality, according to the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact, only humans were to remain at Observer Base. The tryp'At Overseers took on the task of trying to prevent the Dead Widowers and other Interventionists from violating the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact.

In the Buld Reality, attempts were made to reveal the existence of the tryp'At to the people of Earth. However, under the terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact, such revelations had to wait until after the arrival of the Buld spaceship in the Solar System.

Depictions of the tryp'At originating from the Writers Block in the Ekcolir Reality were often quite fanciful. It must be remembered that in the Ekcolir Reality, the science fiction genre was designed and used to prepare Earthlings for the arrival of the Fru'wu.

There have been several different tellings of the tryp'At story here in the Final Reality. It seems clear that Ivory Fersoni could not accept the restrictions that were being imposed on Earth by the tryp'At Overseers. I often wonder if she is being held prisoner at Observer Base or if she escaped to the Galactic Core.

Original cover art by R. DeSaint, Edmund Emshwiller,
Lawrence Stevens, also see this.
Ivory and Thomas Iwedon were among the first Earthlings to become aware of the tryp'At Overseers. Thomas was surprised to learn that the tryp'At Overseers seem to be human. Previously, Overseers would often take on the physical form of Earthlings, but tryp'At Overseers are apparently human. Why humans would suddenly be functioning as Earth Overseers was at first mysterious.

That mystery seems to have been solved by recognition of two facts: 1) only humans are now allowed inside Observer Base, and 2) the tryp'At have apparently appointed themselves as Overseers.

cover art by Antonio Schomburg
Zeta speculates that the pek must have a good reason for allowing the tryp'At Council to make use of the facilities at Observer Base. Yōd believes that the pek have expertise when it comes to establishing and maintain states of dynamic equilibrium that they can guide to a desired end point. In the case of tryp'At playing the role of Earth Overseers, Yōd suggests that the pek can use the tryp'At Council members as puppets while technically adhering to the terms of the Tryst-Grean Pact.

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