Aug 16, 2016

The Trysta-Grean Pact

Just before the Buld Reality.
Original artwork by Harold McCauley
The terms of the Trysta-Grean Pact remain mysterious and there is need for more investigation, but I have finally begun to trace the origins of this agreement that has shaped our universe (see the Trysta Truce).

The Trysta-Grean Pact is the agreement that finally ended the Time Travel War. That war began when Isaac Asimov helped terminate the Foundation Reality and bring into existence what I call the Asimov Reality. That Reality Change signaled the fact that the Huaoshy had finally developed their own time travel technology and they were prepared to deploy it on Earth.

However, R. Gohrlay and her cadre of positronic robots still retained their ability to travel through time. Right at the start of the Space Age in the Asimov Reality, R. Gohrlay's Interventionist agents provided sedrons to a few Earthlings. That dangerous move actually flipped Earth out of the grip of a strange attractor that had previously made it inevitable that Earth's surface would become dangerously radioactive.

reconstruction of science fiction
in the Ekcolir Reality
Gohrlay claims that the infamous "nuclear war" of the Asimov Reality was, in fact, a surgical strike with sedronic explosives that in one day decapitated all of the nuclear powers on Earth. After that, the course of civilization on Earth and the fate of Humanity was guided through the Space Age of the Asimov Reality by the "Trysta Truce".

During that truce, humans were blocked from any new advances in technology. Having secretly been provided with sedronic technology in the form of the "Jarnell Intersplit" spaceship drive, humans were able to diffuse out from Earth into the galaxy. Interventionists and the pek devoted their energies to finding new human gene combinations that would improve the ability of humans to use the Bimanoid Interface.

the tryp'At Overseers
After many thousands of years, new types of Sedronites including the Buld, the tryp'At and the Ek'col were perfected and the Ekcolir Reality came into existence.

In the Ekcolir Reality, Trysta Iwedon (R. Gohrlay's Asterothrope agent on Earth) and Grean the Kac'hin collaborated to find a way to prevent Earth from going through global warming and catastrophic sea level rise. It was their plan for a Final Reality that we know as the Trysta-Grean Pact.

An important, yet still mysterious aspect of the Trysta-Grean Pact is that the tryp'At Overseers were put in place to act as guardians of Earth.

The Atossu Intervention
In the fuzzy boundary between the end of the Ekcolir Reality and the creation of the world as we know it, Robert Williams tried to tell the Secret History of Humanity and prepare the people of Earth for First Contact with the Buld. However, the tryp'At Overseers decided that no such preparation was required. Our timeline was altered (see the Eanru Intervention) so as to prevent any information about the Buld from being released to Earthlings before the arrival of the Buld spaceship.

The suppressed science fiction story telling of writers such as Robert Williams (a good example of a specific suppressed story is his 'The Golden Process', see the Fantastic Adventures cover reconstruction at the top of this webpage) provides an illustration of temporal momentum.

Time Portal
In the Ekcolir Reality, a woman named Roberta was the analogue of Robert Williams. According to Gohrlay, Roberta often published under the name "Roberta Moore" in addition to "Roberta Moore Williams". Her stories helped prepare Earthlings for First Contact with the Fru'wu.

According to Gohrlay, in his story 'The Golden Process', Williams revealed that it is possible to isolate sedrons from "platinum sand" deposits. Apparently the tryp'At will not allow this knowledge to be published and made available to Earthlings in our Reality.  However, in the Ekcolir Reality, the isolation of sedrons was the easiest way to prove the existence of either hierions or sedrons.

The Hyper-Relay
The "golden process" for sedron isolation was first used by humans in the Asimov Reality. R. Gohrlay's positronic robots deployed small amounts of sedrons during the 20th century on Earth. Then, after that initial supply of sedrons was depleted, there was interest among humans in obtaining more sedrons.

According to Gohrlay, a version of 'The Golden Process' was published as a collaboration between Hafren Wells and Roberta Moore in the Ekcolir Reality. That story was called, 'The Hierion x Sedron Reactor'.

in the Ekcolir Reality
In the Asimov Reality, there was a story that covered similar ground ('Hierion Synthesis' by Isaac Asimov). In both stories, there was an account of how sedrons could be used to generate hierions. In turn, the hierions could be used for either faster-than-light communications or to transmit energy across interplanetary distances.

In 'The Hierion x Sedron Reactor', there was no mention of humans. That story seems to have been an alien-inspired version of the Legend of Uvadekoto.

In the Asimov Reality.
Original cover art by Don Sibley
In 'Hierion Synthesis', the analogue of Isaac Asimov in the Asimov Reality described how after Earth's "nuclear war", several megacorporations competed to isolate sedrons using the "golden process". Unfortunately, no copies of these stories have reached our Reality.

I suspect that Gohrlay knows at least the basics of the "golden process", but she refuses to provide me with any details. However, it was the fact that Earthlings were starting to play with sedrons and hierions that finally drove Trysta towards collaboration with Grean. She could see the danger of allowing humans to freely develop advanced technologies, so Trysta worked with Grean to find a future that was both safe for Earth and which also allowed humans to have a great adventure spreading among the stars.

The sedron monopoly
The End of Time Travel
What about the Huaoshy? Why were they ready to negotiate an end to the Time War? They had realized that it was their own alteration of the dimensional structure of the universe that made possible both time travel and the telepathic powers of positronic robots. Additionally, they realized that if they made one more alteration to the dimensional structure of the universe, they could make further time travel impossible and "deactivate" R. Gohrlay's telepathic ability.

dimensional transmutation
According to Gohrlay, the most important realization of the Huaoshy was that such a shift in dimensional structure would also make it much harder for primitive beings such as we humans to obtain sedrons. Apparently the "golden process" would no longer allow the "quick and dirty" production of sedrons by primitive creatures such as humans. That was a great relief to the Huaoshy and it allowed them to relax their ethical principles enough so as to permit humans to inherit Earth and have an opportunity to spread among the stars.

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