Oct 31, 2015

Invasion of the Zeptites

Science Fiction television in the Ekcolir Reality.
Gohrlay has been telling me tales of the origins of the science fiction genre in Deep Time. Today she mentioned an influential story about zeptites that was published in the Ekcolir Reality: 'Invasion of the Zeptites' by Katherine MacLean.

'Invasion of the Zeptites' was published in Masculinena magazine. According to Gohrlay, the story began with what seemed like a fairly conventional alien invasion plot, but then it became highly technical, providing details about the origins of the alien life forms who were not composed of biological cells, but rather, zeptites, so small as to be invisible.

art by Margaret Brundage
In 'Invasion of the Zeptites', the aliens are trying to make Earthlings aware of the aliens' existence. Realizing that humans are highly dependent on vision, the aliens try assembling large numbers of zeptites together so that the people of Earth have visual evidence of the presence of the aliens on Earth.

According to Gohrlay, there are amusing scenes in the story during which the alien zeptites appear to humans in the form a strange living mist, talking snakes and a bizarre floating pumpkin-like head.

Apparently there have been similar experiments in our Reality, attempts to start acclimatizing Earthlings to the idea of sub-microscopic life forms that are composed of hierions and sedrons, so I've been searching the internet for evidence of these Interventions.

When I searched Twitter for "zeptites" my browser suddenly stopped displaying webpages correctly, as shown below.

After about ten minutes of frustration during which I first restarted my browser then my computer, I was finally able to view the search results.

Gohrlay suspects that there was an image on Twitter that was not appropriate for me to see. I have no idea what she means by that, but I don't like he idea that everything I see is edited on the fly by unseen zeptites that watch over me.

Artificial Life
I did discover that there is a user account on Twitter called "ZEPTITE" that was registered back in 2009 when I began using Twitter.

That Twitter account now appears to be harmless, but it raises the possibility that aliens are using Apple, Inc. as a route for introducing advanced nanotechnology to Earth.

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