Oct 18, 2015

Alien Noir

in the Buld Reality
My informant, Gohrlay, recently mentioned that people from the planet Luk'ru have served as Interventionist agents on Earth. The first example of such an agent was Princess Atossu, who helped set Western Civilization on a course that led through the Roman Empire towards an eventual Industrial Revolution in England, Western Europe and the United States.

According to Gohrlay, Atossu was the last of the agents from Luk'ru who carried out a mission on Earth. Before the establishment of Lendhalen as an Interventionist training base, there were many agents from Luk'ru who ended up on Earth, particularly in the Ekcolir Reality. In fact, since the Thomas clones did not become the dominant Interventionists of the Industrial Age in the Ekcolir Reality, agents from Luk'ru continued to operate on Earth right up through the 20th century in the Ekcolir Reality.

in the Ekcolir Reality
Roberta Moore wrote extensively about the Luk'ru interventionists in the Ekcolir Reality. Here, in the Final Reality, Roberta's replicoid was an active member of the Writers Block. According to Gohrlay, here in the Final Reality, the Writers Block serves as a think tank for generating possible strategies for introducing the people of Earth to the secret history of Humanity.

Houston Space Port
The Atossu Intervention was a novel (written in the Final Reality) that told the story of the last Luk'ru Interventionist on Earth, but according to Gohrlay, that book will never be shown to the people of Earth since it would cause too much disruption of Western Civilization. Gohrlay puts it this way: "Nobody wants to know the truth about the origins of the religions that became dominant in the Final Reality." Particularly since hermaphroditic space aliens are so intimately involved.

In the Ekcolir Reality, religion posed no barrier to learning about the secret history of Earth, so science fiction authors such as Thanu Millard, Roberta Moore and Sam Jacky published dozens of stories about agents from Luk'ru and their missions on Earth. According to Gohrlay, there was a television show called Dick Girls that was inspired by a Sam Jacky novel of that name. That TV show was set in the "Richard Hunt Fictional Universe" that had been first used as a setting for stories by Thanu Millard. The original Dick Girls novel was set in Houston, Texas during the 1950s of the Ekcolir Reality when humans first went to the Moon.

A Grendel and an agent from Luk'ru in Dick Girls. Image credits.
For the television show, the fictional Richard Hunt Detective Agency was located in Los Angeles to facilitate production of the episodes. In the Dick Girls novel, Richard Hunt, Private Investigator, was never shown to the reader and there was much argument about whether readers were supposed to assume such a person ever exited. It sounds to me like "Richard Hunt" was just an invented cover for the agents from Luk'ru.

Really, "Richard Hunt" simply existed as a way to allow for puns and jokes about how the agents from Luk'ru were "Dick's Girls" or how their mission was to "hunt for Dick".

According to Gohrlay, Dick Girls could have never have appeared on network television in our Reality, but its sexual themes were fairly tame for the science fiction specialty network of the Ekcolir Reality. The Interventionist agents from Luk'ru who starred in the show were all beautiful women, but the residents of Luk'ru were aliens (an engineered variant of the Kac'hin) who only happened to have the superficial appearance of Earth women.

whimsical depiction of the planet Luk'ru
In the Sam Jacky version of the "Richard Hunt Fictional Universe", Grendels were the mastermind Interventionists, but they had to remain in the background due to their alien features (including pointy ears and flipper-like feet). The Grendels used agents from Luk'ru as their foot soldiers on Earth. As written by Sam Jacky, the Grendels used pheromones to control their Luk'ru agents. Each episode of Dick Girls stereo-typically began with one of the Luk'ru agents being teleported int the Hierion Domain to receive a mission briefing from a Grendel.

These introductory scenes always played out the same. While the Grendel explained the upcoming mission, the poor Luk'ru agent was irresistibly attracted to the Grendel. They would perform some bizarre alien sex act while the backstory for the mission was methodically described by the Grendel. In the television show, it was implied that the agents from Luk'ru were all hermaphrodites while the Grendels were all depicted as female. The Grendels and the agents from Luk'ru were inter-fertile, and through the years of the television series, the Grendels were often depicted as pregnant and shown raising children who were either themselves Grendels or the next generation of Luk'ru agents. The predominantly female science fiction fans of the Ekcolir Reality never seemed to mind the unrealistic biology of Grendel-Luk'ru breeding as long as the sex scenes were steamy enough.

an Earth Overseer
The bulk of each episode was very science oriented, as the Luk'ru agent tried to introduce some advanced technology into the developing civilization of Earth. Usually the mission was a failure because an Overseer would step in and prevent Earthlings from using the alien technology.

In the invariant formula of the Dick Girls television programs, the last scene of each one hour-long show was an epilogue in which a human character from that episode wound up in bed with the Luk'ru agent.

The Gods Thonselves
The only mystery was how each such humans would react when the Luk'ru agent revealed "her" alien anatomy. After a rather explicit sex scene, the episode would end with the deep red Dick Girls logo splashed across the screen.

According to Gohrlay, there was also a short-duration television program in the Ekcolir Reality that was based on a novel called The Gods Thonselves that was written by Isaac Asimov. Apparently Asimov imagined that there were tri-sexual Sedronites with males and females who each passed a gamete to the third sex who then gestated their offspring.

Replicoid Time
In the Ekcolir Reality, The Gods Thonselves was written well after green house gases were causing sea level rise on Earth. In the television show, the plot involved alien Sedronites who are trying to help Earthlings stop the Antarctic ice cap from melting.

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