Oct 1, 2015

The Space Gods

The Crystal Invaders
In Joseph J. Millard's "The Crystal Invaders," the protagonists are bodiless creatures of "concentrated pure energy" which by feeding on the nervous energy of people arouse in them emotions of fear and hatred. (source)

The Kac'hin Intervention
I've never read anything written by Joseph Millard. According to Gohrlay, Millard's analogue in the Ekcolir Reality was named Thanu (a common name of Etruscan origins in that Reality) and she wrote extensively about the pek and the Huaoshy.

A short-run television program called The Kac'hin Intervention was inspired by Thanu's novel, The Space Gods.

According to Gohrlay, in the Ekcolir Reality an effort was made to create confusion about the relationships between various alien influences on Earth such as the Kac'hin, the Fru'wu, the pek and the Huaoshy.

The Space Gods
In The Space Gods, Thanu presented her theory of how the human species was created by the Huaoshy. She developed the idea that the Huaoshy evolved in an alternate universe of ten spatial dimensions and then created our universe (with only three spatial dimensions) as a kind of simplified computer model of Reality, one in which they could move their Kac'hin agents around, back and forward through Time.

Alien Investigations
In both The Space Gods and The Kac'hin Intervention, the pek were depicted as the shape-shifting adversaries of the Kac'hin. Thanu did not depict the Kac'hin and the pek as good or evil, rather, they were conceived as "entertainment" and a way to bring primitive creatures like humans towards a stage of cognitive and social development where they could recognize their relationship to the gods (the Huaoshy).

Alien Detective
Thanu told the story of The Space Gods through the eyes of a character named Hathnil, a human who becomes aware of the existence of the Huaoshy even before she is born. In the story, Hathnil was "instantiated" by the Kac'hin because the Huaoshy "god" who created our universe is bored with 3-dimenional life forms and close to shutting down our universe. Hathnil takes up the struggle to create a future for humans exploring the universe, an exciting future that will please our Huaoshy "god" and allow our universe to continue to exist.

Crossing Over
In The Kac'hin Intervention, the pek play an important role by preventing the Kac'hin from pushing humans too quickly towards dangerous technologies. When I mentioned to Gohrlay that Hathnil sounds like a character who lives a life that is similar to Gohrlay's, she admitted that the Hathnil character is based on what Thanu was able to learn about Gohrlay herself.

The Earth Saver
Thanu also published a series of stories about Interventionist agents from Luk'ru and their missions on Earth. Although the agents were all aliens (modified Kac'hin), they could pass for human and worked under the cover of the Richard Hunt detective agency.

in the Ekcolir Reaily
original cover art by Earle Bergey
Readers never saw Richard Hunt appear in any of the alien detective stories. The agents from Luk'ru were often working to provide advanced technologies (such as the super-strong material required for space elevators) to the people of Earth while avoiding a cadre of mysterious Overseers. The agents from Luk'ru could usually stay a step ahead of the Overseer by making use of their advanced nanite technology. The agents from Luk'ru all carried guns, but they did not fire ordinary bullets. Instead, they shot nanites that performed various functions such as temporarily immobilizing people or erasing their memories.

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